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De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts


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  • Insightful and informative! Thank w!
  • This is a great article. I have a problem with "going inside my mind where...unreal scenarios are just waiting to get spun out of contol." Unfortunately, I have a schema which causes me to predict possible explanations, therefore my overthinking may be right on target, however, I will try hard to developmproblem solving strategies to end the negative self talk that doesn't help but allows in clarity that this situation will pass, with or without overeating.
    I found out I tend to get the most urges between dinner and bedtime, maybe boredom?
  • Exercise is my hope to stress buster.
    Thank you for the information.
  • I always enjoy Deans articles..thank you
  • Some very good ideas contained within this article.
    Very helpful article! Thank you.
  • Unlike many "cheery" articles that regurgitate the positive until you want to upchuck yourself this is a great article! It shoots from the shoulder and tells you to take responsibility. Bravo. I saved this one to re-read.
  • Love this article. I've read it before on SP and enjoyed reading again!
  • Love this article, and will probably come back to it several time to read again. I learned the long and hard way that you can pretty much pick any diet blind folded and be successful if you just follow it consistently....

    .....BUT...... that isn't what makes weight loss so challenging. Its the mental aspects, the emotional triggers that happen during that day. In most cases people can not remove themselves from their life in order to lose weight. So finding ways to deal with things and get perspective is so critical.

    Thank you for this article!
  • "Remind yourself where you are. Take a look around, noticing and naming the colors and shapes in the space around you." This is a tips I have never received before, and I think it can help. Thanks!
  • As long as you cling to excuses, you'll stay fat - stop calling it an addiction.
    That said:
    The first step is to recognize which stressors are within your control, and which are not.
    That which is in your control: change it.
    That which is not: get a hobby, go to the gym, read a book, WRITE a book. Post snarky comments on the interwebz (does wonders for me), go to the gym again - lift as much as you can and play noxious screamy heavy metal until your ears bleed. (The Germans do this best.)
    Above all, stop using "emoitional eating" as an excuse.You'll either endeavor to do that which must be done, or you'll stay fat.

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