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An Exercise in Self-Esteem

Exercise Your Way to Feeling Better About Yourself


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  • Great article, especially for someone who hates to exercise. I turned my attitude around because I learned how much exercise has to do with our brains and how healthy you are in later years. It scares me to death to have dimentia or some other "old people's brain". I always have felt better about myself as a person after exercise.
  • This article really hits home. I agree with Selkie2283... I look at pictures of myself before all this weight and wonder why i didn't feel good at the time.
    Weight loss really isn't about looks... Because if heavy women were considered more attractive, i think more women would be trying to gain weight.
    I want to feel good from inside out. I want to be able to be more active without losing my breath or my back hurting. I want to age gracefully and live everyday on this earth feeling with the best possible health.
    Whatever size i am really doesn't matter... Its my health and self satisfaction that matters the most.
    Thanks for this lovely article!
  • From past experience I know this article is correct - I started exercising today and will keep a positive attitude about it each day
  • Great message and exactly what I needed this week.
    Thank you!
  • What an awesome article! I see so many heartbreakingly negative attitudes about Self here on Spark People, so I'm glad to see this come out. I wish it was assigned reading! I can personally say that 80 lbs ago, I was convinced I was horribly fat. As the pounds kept stacking on, I'd look back at those photos and think "Geez, why wasn't I happy with that?! I was beautiful!" Each time I've gained more weight, I've looked at old pictures and thought, "I looked great then! What was I complaining about!" Finally I realized that my body is GREAT now, a great tool for doing great things, and with this attitude, I can work towards getting even better and better! Discontent and unhappiness robs TODAY of it's beauty and wonder, and you can never get that back. Happiness is now, and it's only going to get better and better!
  • This is exactly what I needed this week! I've been focused for so long on the goal being pounds lost, that I've been cruel to my body in the form of negative self-esteem and bad body image. I've been working really hard to see the positives in the mirror when I pass by, and not having that inner voice go "Ew!" It's definitely a work in progress, so the article is a good reminder :)
  • Awesome Article!!!!

  • Thanks for another great article. It really hits home with me.
    I'm trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle and it's not always easy.
    But I do remind myself while I'm exercising that this is good for me and to have fun....having fun at 55 exercising is not always easy... But some days it is...
    I'm wondering how to keep making it fun year after year.

  • After reading all the comments from all you LOVELY women, I realized that I am working out and exercising for ALL the wrong reasons. Why? Because I've been doing it for the GUY in my I would look trim, sexy, appealing and so on. I can NOT do this for that reason. I have to do this for ME and ME only! In fact, I just broke this relationship off after THREE years....and believe me, this is VERY hard. Now I seem to not care at ALL if I exercise or workout.....well, that is, until NOW. I need this for ME. For MY self-esteem, for MY health, for ME and ME only. The only hard part for me now will be that I go to a local gym three times a week and workout with HIM....the one I just broke off with. Now I don't want want to go.

    I STILL need to go for ME. I have to find some way of dealing with seeing him and NOT caring if he is there or not. I now want and NEED to do this for ME. I know I will find that help here and I am SO glad I found this site. THANK YOU to ALL of you for such WONDERFUL encouragement and a place to come to for learn how to workout and exercise because we WANT to for US. What a blessing!!!
  • I think as women many of us think of exercise as being about looking sexy, like the girls in "THE FIRM" videos. I couldn't relate to any girls like them, so never saw myself doing exercise. We need to change women's minds so exercise is about healthy bodies and not just looks. Denise Austin promotes that with Strong Bodies/Strong Minds.
  • This guy came straight out of my own head! This has been a burning issue with me for a long time. Thank you!
    This article made me realize that I need to love my body from inside out especially the outside. I'm petite and I have a very hard time loving myself. This article taught me how to love my body like I love my kids and thats with everything I have and more.
  • This article was just what I needed!! It talks about everything that I need to address in my healthy lifestyle journey! Thanks for such informational and inspirational articles!! I love this place!!
  • Alright if there was an article that was meant for me, this is it. That was right on the totally summed me up.
    I have been on sparkpeople since January 4 and have lost 13 lbs so far. I do believe that I am getting some feeling of self worth and respect for myself. This article has helped me soo much and I will use all the advice in it for myself!!!
  • Great article, you left me a lot to reflect on. TY

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