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An Exercise in Self-Esteem

Exercise Your Way to Feeling Better About Yourself


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  • There are no words to express to you how much I enjoy reading your articles. Although most of the writers are helpful, whenever I see an article from you it is a must read. Your writings are so practical and so easy to apply to one’s life. Your words seem to coincide with the seasons of my experiences. You have helped me over so many hurdles and I am so grateful. Thank you seems too small of a word; just know that I sincerely appreciate your writing talent and your practical advice.
  • Honestly, I think God puts things right in front of my nose. I was just praying yesterday, asking God to give me the energy to exercise. This article was just the info I needed
  • I found this article to be really informative. It jives with a "truth" that I discovered about myself. Negative self talk doesn't work. That "kick in the pants" used to work...when I was 20 and still believed that being "skinny" was the cure for...well everything. Ironically, the more I began to accept myself, the more weight I gained. What I that I left a vacuum...that I filled with comfort foods. I am NOW filling that vacuum with positive self talk and my purpose for fitness is completely different. What I got from this article is that you have find a way to incorporate positivity, play and purpose into things we do to ensure sustainability. I want to lose the weight AND keep it off. This time I think I have a shot at making that happen. This was definitely a good read.
  • Thank you for this article!!! I really needed it at this stage.
    What great ideas! I am learning to enjoy the journey, because if I wait until I get to my goal to enjoy my life, who knows how long I'll be waiting? I also loved the part about making my body my friend, not my enemy.
  • This is EXACTLY why I took up belly dance. My self-esteem and self confidence SOARED as I gained proficiency in belly dance movements. That was something that was missing from the treadmill workouts I was doing. Plus, I'm dropping inches like crazy! And, I've started to teach.
  • Excellent article, as always. It's so true that how you approach a new lifestyle and new way of thinking has a direct effect on the outcome. I've stopped hating my body, and have begun to appreciate all the things that it can do. It's never been about fitting in to a certain size pair of jeans, but it was always about finding fault. Now I can see things that my body does for me and that change in attitude has taken the pressure off to be perfect. I have no interest in perfection anymore; now I just aim for consistency and doing my best every day. And sometimes my best is having a lazy day to I allow it.
    im 39 and agree whole hearted with this article.Plus make the journey with family or friends because your ups and downs can be enjoyed or motivated more when you share.
  • I can always tell when I am reading one of your articles--It resonates in a very real way. Then I go back to the top to see who the author is and it's Coach Dean. Thank you for such meaningful communications.
  • Thank you for this wonderful article.It is well written and absolutely what I need to keep in mind.It explains a lot of what I am doing to myself and now how I can turn it around
  • I really loved this article. Thank goodness I learned this very early on with my exercise program. I also have SP to thank for that! Good Luck everyone!
  • I really enjoy this article. I don't think it can be read too much nor too often!
  • Wonderful article. I have found that with advancing age comes a better acceptance of my body and its ability. I still have moments of low self esteem but they are few and far between compared to when I was in my 20's, 30's and even 40's. Because my attitude has changed to one of acceptance I look better and feel better than when I was younger.

    I need to thank you for this article. In fact I have read it before, but every now and then it helps to re-read it. Knowing this, it occurred to me that I had yet to thank you for it. So, thank you. . . it helps to keep me focused on the 'right' reason to exercise .
    It seems as though you were able to see right to the heart of many of us. I thought I was alone in feeling the way I do about my body. I did not realize how "sick" this thinking is. It is no wonder, I have not been able to lose weight and keep it off. I go up and down, but my self-image is always negative. Thank you for the insight you have provided for me to work on these issues I have had my entire life and did not know how twisted my thinking was.

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