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How to Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Get Your Friends, Family and Fellow SparkPeople on Board


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  • My husband is thankfully also trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I have been working on him for over 10 years to do it. As we have aged and he learned of his diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments, he finally started listening to me and others. Eating better is something he will do, but exercise other than walking and working in the yard is not. Being a leader sometimes feels like you are dragging a dead horse uphill. It will be worth it all to be healthy. Don't give up.
  • Sorry, meant OCEANSUNSET22.
  • It's the same for me Oceansunrise22, today is my 1st day of the challenge, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully you will too. And anyone else that may need a buddy. We can be here for each other. :)
  • I don't have any real support around me. I have no close friends I can have for support so I am trying to do things to keep me motivated.
  • I'm lucky to have a supportive family. I purchased a food n fitness journal, so far so good :)
  • My husband is supportive in words, but I need to get him motivated in actions.
  • I joined with a Spark friend and we each have a calendar and stickers to reward ours selves each day for goal reached and i have so many great friends I going to meet my goals this year.
  • I live alone and the friends I have could care less. SP community is where I need yo bget support, along with felklow water aerobics group
  • I used SparkPeople 6 years ago and reached my goal for various reasons I've gained it all back plus another 50. I can't do any exercise except my exercise bike due to many physical problems and I get discouraged very easily.

    Two months ago I relieved my old girls (dog....Misty)pain by letting her go peacefully at the vets. She was 15 3/4 years old and the love of my life....a week later my other girl (Lady) went blind and found out from the vet she was severely diabetic and so I had to have her put down with no warning.....she was 8 and I only had her 2 years from our local OSPCA. I am still devastated and this Christmas was so hard....both my girls were rescues....I got my Misty at 2....she had been locked in a barn allowed out once a day and Lady came from a Mandarin family that was returning to their homeland....

    So now you all know my whole life even if you didn't want too...

    This time I really want to succeed so I need as much encouragement as I can get......

    Thank You
  • I love my SP family!
    Surprisingly this is a difficult one for me. If I tell my husband or mother it will be bad if I end up letting them down yet again. I started a new job and I'm just not close enough with my new co-workers to share something like this. Not sure who to tell.
  • Good practical advice and ideas :)
  • PISHI54
    LIKE: setting a reminder on the calendar!
  • If your phone or computer has an alarm or reminder feature, use it to your benefit.....
  • VILLIE50
    Today, I will make a healthy meal replacement shake and eat a piece of fruit for lunch.

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