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How to Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Get Your Friends, Family and Fellow SparkPeople on Board


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  • My wife is my support system. She is a diabetic, on insulin and knows the thought of needles is my main motive for getting it right. I hate needles and avoid them anyway possible. She's not to crazy about my food changes but willing to try anything once, most of the time anyway. Sardine sandwiches with peanut butter and onions is out.
  • Spark People had the best support system I have ever experienced.
  • We moved X-C 18 months ago and have no support system or family in this area. I'm one of those people with 10# to lose - but can't seem to lose it for good. Most recent setback was a surgery 2 months ago - I was down 4 of "the" 10. And yes, I have the 10 I want to lose in addition, but I'm not counting that now. I also have the 10 that "would be a good idea" as I age and lose bone mass. I'm 3" shorter than I used to be and so the weight looks different. What's been really hard this time is setting an achievable goal exercise. I'll never run again etc. Chair exercises OK but no aerobic benefit to me. I do walk but while slow and steady is better than none at all it doesn't achieve results. Thoughts and suggestions are all welcome.
  • This community is a God send for people without any support. I invite anyone who wants to add me as a friend, I will encourage you, and support your weight loss journey. I look to this site daily now, as I learn a lot from it and those who use it. God Bless
    no support. walk away when i ask who would like to.
  • I have no one to support me. My family is distant, nasty, and punishing. Its all I can do to breath some days, but I hold steadfast to my goals. One day if I ever see them they will be shocked to see that I've gone from a size 20 dress to a size 12 I have to do this for me because no one is going to care for me if I get sick. I was showing pre-diabetes and high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and a BMI of 30.1. My goal is by September to bring down BMI to 24 and a goal weight from 210 - 165. I will be going on my yearly solo camping trip on the ocean Sept. 3 - 10th. I have to do this for myself because no one will go with me. My family is cold and cruel to me. SP is all I've got If you have sons and daughter-in-laws from Hell who have possessed their husbands, welcome to the club of Mother's Heartache.
    I've tried new programs so many times, I just don't want to share with anyone in my family, and especially not my husband, that I'm starting AGAIN! So, you folks are my support system. Thank you all for being here. Spark People has always been a positive thing in my life. I've lost weight and gotten to my goal, and gained it back because I think I'm fixed. I need to work a program and keep working it! Otherwise I just undo all my good work with self-sabotage. I have an inner saboteur that wants me dead. No kidding :( The best advise I have ever received was to act according to my highest self, my highest good. I love that. So, I'm going to start again. I refuse to give up on myself!
  • i don't have a true support system either. My DH is really the only one but no one tends to talk about the weight loss or how I have gotten to where I am currently. So it can be done alone but not as fun as being on SP and having the support of this general community of wonderful people.
  • I am surprised to see so many Spark members do not have a support system within family and friends. I too find motivation and support from members of this community!
  • I have no support system at home. But I actually find just sitting and reading all my spark mail everyday, charting my food, and reading the Spark People blogs a very good support system. I read something daily that gives me new ideas or motivates me to keep moving forward.
  • I am working with my physician twice weekly. She is a great support and very encouraging. I also rely on Sparkspeople. My son is getting married April 24th and my parents will be there. I need strength to be around them as they have harped on my weight since I was 14. I'm now 64 and they still are very critical of my weight and that I am not in a high earning field of caring for the elderly. I feel their criticism is more motivated on their own egos, feeling embarrassed of me. My son is not ashamed of me and has asked me to officiate the simple wedding for close family only. I have not seen or spoken to his father in 12 years. I am fortifying myself with daily prayers and meditation to build my strength. Criticism lies behind my emotional eating so I must be prepared. I am pre-planning meals as best I can and will take some safe things to eat with me.
  • As a matter of fact, I find the whole Sparkpeople entity a support "partner". I am motivated by hearing other peoples' stories, as well as receiving support from my personal friends. They are cheering me on to getting healthier. It certainly can make you hesitate before picking up something to eat that you don't need, or motivate you to take a walk. Today, as I am feeling a bit better from the Bell's palsy, I am going to walk to the movies (0.5 miles) and back. I have to claw my way back to longer walks. But I will.
  • I have no support system but find I do not need one. All my motivation comes from within me, so I support myself. Who else can you really rely on, anyway? My wife is ok with my weight loss but unconcerned - I was fat when we met, so she does not really care if I lose weight or not.
  • thank you for your article. sometimes I feel very alone in this journey my husband and my close friends are not supportive. But, I can support myself I can and will be a strong person I know spark people are in this journey too
  • i so enjoy learning!
    learning to make mysef responsible for my actions is freeing others/situations and causing me to become aware.

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