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How to Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Get Your Friends, Family and Fellow SparkPeople on Board


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  • Having a goal buddy makes a difference.
  • SparkPeople has been the best support group!
  • I have been a part of many support groups over the years and even went to weight watchers years ago.
    As long as I was in a group I did well but I had a hard time on my own. I am so glad that I found SP and
    a lot of support here even though it's not person to person. We all have the same goals to lose weight and get fit.
  • My DH is a SP member ,but sometimes he shakes his head at me saying I am to hard on myself. I need to keep my discipline or I will fall flat into my bad habits. So we agree to disagree on what each of us does on our weight loss journey
  • My hubby is my exercise buddy 7x a week.
  • I find that me & the hubby support one another but we do it differently. He is a gym person, I myself like to be by myself as I am pouring and dripping sweat...

    God bless & be encouraged.

  • Oh, and starting back today, Sparkpeople! You people are the best! I had to read other comments to remind me that I forgot SP. I am a firm believer in this site!
  • For now, my WW meetings are my support. And friends who encourage me, exercise with me, family who congratulate my small victories, and do not sabotage my efforts.
  • I'm going to share my goals with my husband. However, I am hoping to learn to depend on myself and to do this for me.
  • Self-support is a beautiful thing, however, it's nice to see a list of other ways to find support.
  • My wife is my support system. She is a diabetic, on insulin and knows the thought of needles is my main motive for getting it right. I hate needles and avoid them anyway possible. She's not to crazy about my food changes but willing to try anything once, most of the time anyway. Sardine sandwiches with peanut butter and onions is out.
  • Spark People had the best support system I have ever experienced.
  • We moved X-C 18 months ago and have no support system or family in this area. I'm one of those people with 10# to lose - but can't seem to lose it for good. Most recent setback was a surgery 2 months ago - I was down 4 of "the" 10. And yes, I have the 10 I want to lose in addition, but I'm not counting that now. I also have the 10 that "would be a good idea" as I age and lose bone mass. I'm 3" shorter than I used to be and so the weight looks different. What's been really hard this time is setting an achievable goal exercise. I'll never run again etc. Chair exercises OK but no aerobic benefit to me. I do walk but while slow and steady is better than none at all it doesn't achieve results. Thoughts and suggestions are all welcome.
  • This community is a God send for people without any support. I invite anyone who wants to add me as a friend, I will encourage you, and support your weight loss journey. I look to this site daily now, as I learn a lot from it and those who use it. God Bless
    no support. walk away when i ask who would like to.

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