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Work Out with Yard Work

Your Yard & Your Body Will Thank You!


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  • JAL138
    I live in an apartment myself but I love the opportunity to break my urban running routine and get out into the country to help in my grandmother's garden. It's a fun workout, a great change of scene and she feeds me too!
  • This summmer is my first attempt at gardening. I love it. Getting out there in the yard and digging in the dirt really does it for me. I'm growing veggies that I am looking forward to eating soon.
  • gardening is not for everyone that is why it is only a suggestion, I personally love it anything to get outsid instead of in front of tv, even just to walk around and water grass is better than sittin on the couch watching tv. Its a good way to meet your neighbors as well they will be curious to see what you are doing everytime they see you out there.. trust me..
  • My yard is such a huge job to maintain, even for the three of us, the last thing I need is suggestions on how to make it harder!
  • I always get discouraged and angry when I do yardwork. I hate getting dirt all over, I sneeze a lot, my arms get rashes from the weeds and bushes, I get all scratched up from the vines and blackberries, my back hurts really bad, and then I don't have a good place to put all the clippings and whatnot so it all piles up in another part of the yard. I might give it another go this year with the exercise goal in mind.
  • Gardening is my primary form of exercise in any season. It's cross-training at its best. For cardio, there's dragging a tarp full of blackberry canes across the field to the burning pile. For strength and cardio mixed, there's digging, sawing, pruning, shoveling mulch, etc. I prefer this to any gym workout. It smells better, sounds better (birdsong instead of grunts), and I get to accomplish two things a once - shaping up my body as I shape up my garden, which produces the organic food I use to feed this body.
  • Very good article! Especially the warming up and stretching the lower back are an important measure because garden work tends to put a lot of stress onto the back. (Same goes for shoveling snow which is a classic way to an aching back if done without stretching.)
  • Gardening is now an option, but I wish there were one for "Heavy Yardwork." I use a chainsaw, and drag heavy limbs around, burning much more calories than planting a flowerbed. I usually list it as "heavy cleaning" sometimes with one section as "moving boxes" if a lot of the work was moving heavy objects.

    I'm going to try the link that LEDANSER provided though! Thank you!
  • I garden a lot in my almost 3/4 acre yard. My 52-year old back would ache so much I could hardly stand up after a day of digging, bending and so forth. Then, I started doing Astanga yoga and now, my back aches are gone. The yoga keeps my back strong and supple.
  • If you want to calculate your calories burned while gardening go to
    This calorie counter has a ton of activities!
  • Great article. Makes me think of the ROSEANNE joke "I'll vacuum when they make one I can ride on." My son does the yard, because he likes to drive the lawnmower.
    Wow...the perfect activity! Fresh air and burning calories while planting a vegetable garden that produces low-calorie nutritious foods while getting your Vitamin D from the sun!! Brilliant!
  • I was disappointed to find that gardening is not listed in the cardio exercises. I wanted to put it in, but didn't know how many calories to count.
    I love to work outdoors, so this is great! Right now, we're shoveling nearly every two days. I wonder how many calories it burns. I sure do sweat!
  • We have had a little bit of sunshine the last few days. I find that I am always in a better mood when I spend time in working in the yard. We have 15 acres, so any chance I get during the winter I am outside working in the sunshine. I know I am getting a good work out because every muscle in my body is sore. All of the pruning's done now, so I have to think of some other things to do outside. If I start planting flowers they will just get frozen.


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