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Seasonal Foods

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    Amen!!! It's about time a current nutrition website got on the ball. Leave it to sparkpeople to be leaders!!! If we go back to eating the way our parents and grandparents did before the 70's innovations of white bread and processed foods we will see a decrease in obesity and health issues. We will also be decreasing our carbon foot print by eating locally raised food. Now if our government would wake up. They've paid our local farmers NOT to farm, which makes us more dependent on big corporations. Thank you sparkpeople for being my voice.
    Very good article and good reminder to choose wisely and be supportive of what our communities have to offer. Better yet, grow a garden, and if that is not possible, join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm.
    I love the concept of "eating seasonaly". There are plenty of local fruits & vegetables available --- even more if I can think out of the box and experiment with new veggies.
  • It's scary to think how much energy is invested into importing fruit from a different continent, and impressive how many veggies can be harvested almost all through the year. Eating only produce from the own garden or surroundings may be unpractical but hopefully there's a realistic middle way between that and getting our produce from halfway around the earth.
  • Besides shopping at the farmers' market, we have bought a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Share) this year. That means we pay up front and every week get a box of vegetables (and earlier some strawberries and raspberries) when they are in season. We've definitely eaten things that I wouldn't have purchased before, so this has given us an even wider array of fresh local vegetables than we would normally get. Our farmer laughed when she found out that we are buying vegetables to supplement a box that some couples and families have difficulty getting through in a week.
  • I love eating fresh vegetables. Luckily I have a pretty good farmers market nearby. Now sometimes it has been hard to find different types of veggies/fruits, as I live in a PA Dutch area where "different" is not taken well. Having grown up in an area where foods from a large number of various cultures was available, it's hard not having the variety, although things are slowly changing. And my hubby is Spanish, so I have learned about many tropical foods as well. Over the past couple of years we have had a small vegetable garden (we call it the "Victory Garden" like during the depression) and have enjoyed fresh cucumbers, spinach, leaf lettuce, peppers of many varietys, cillantro, chives, etc. Not only do we have lots of fresh produce, we saved money on the very first cucumber. The seeds were less than a dollar, and cucumbers run about $1.20 around here. Plus, we had enough to make three jars of pickles and some pickle relish, and it is comforting knowing what is going into our foods!

    Great article.
    I have found that my body craves these fresh fruits and vegetables. I feel our bodies know what it needs and when.
  • Learn to shop at the farmer's can find some of the best "in season" fruits and veggies!
  • jehavens I agree with you, I am used to eat the same way , leaving in America but raise in Central America we eat whats in season, and I still do, I guess i know better how food tastes when in season.
    I would like at this time to introduce all members in this forum to read about an organization that is dear to my I have not made large changes in my way of eating, buying foods but I have started in making very small changes and I know I am contributing to a great cause for others and for myself. And the more you do it the easiest it become to make it the life style we should all be following. I hope all of you take a moment and peek into their web site.
  • Living in a foreign country I have learned a lot about seasonal eating. The way this article describes is just how the people eat around me. I had a friend that ate nothing but watermelon for the month of August because that is the only time we can get them here. Another friend had her skin turn orange during September and November because she ate so much pumpkin. These people get all their nutrition from foods and are thin and healthy. They have taught me a lot about eating seasonally.
    I love fresh vegetables, and bought some today, but not from the area. It is still getting below freezing here. Brrr.. And tomatoes are $3.00 a lb.
  • I love our local farmers' market in the growing season. I also have a garden and freeze as much as I can fit into our freezer to have over the winter. During the winter here in New York, I buy the items suggested here and try to get the ones from local growers who supply them to the store I shop in. Apples are a good choice, too. Many NY State apples are available all winter.
  • Eating as close to home as possible also helps combat global climate change. (Think about all the petroleum used for transporting those fruits from Chile to U.S. supermarkets in January/February.) I'm trying to be better about this for that reason as well as those listed here.
  • I love all vegetables, pity my kids don't, i end up throwing alot of stuff away. Brussels i could eat all the time and my favourite's are tomatos.

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