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Seasonal Foods

Exceptional Flavor & Nutrition that Fits in Your Budget


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  • I enjoyed growing fresh veggies and fruits in my garden. It's so relaxing and stress free relieved to go in your garden and pick whatever you want. this summer I have sour orange, lemon, lemon grass, sugar cane, green bell pepper, thyme and cilantro, hot pepper, and cherries tomatoes. thank you for this article.
  • I grow my own veggies in the spring and summer.

    There is nothing like picking a tomato off the vine and popping it in your mouth, all warm from the sun and free of pesticide.
  • I love home grown veggies and I try to grow the obes I like best.
  • I'm growing a garden again this year and love to go pick fresh corn, squash, onions, peas, and soon, tomatoes. It tastes so good to pick it, bring it in and prepare it immedialely!
    I live in a rural area. Plenty of people garden which includes me. There is very little seasonal produce sold here. The grocery store doesn't even sell zucchini in the summer. I can buy peaches and melons off some guys trailer for a few short weeks.
    I buy frozen veggies because it hasn't been traveling for a week.
    The fresh produce here in MIssouri, is dismal and expensive compared to California which is where I moved from. What's more, everything is wrapped in plastic to further limit your choices.
  • I agree for the most part, except about the cost being lower .I live in a area where a lot of berry's are raised, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry. corn, as well as a lot greenhouses exist. And it may surprise you but they are very expensive when they first come out. I understand that costs have gone up and pickers are for the most part not available so they must be machine picked, But it is not true that they are less expensive than those from 1000 miles away. Yes there is a huge difference in fresh over warehouse products and I am sure nutritional wise, but my income demands that I get the best bang for the buck, and so if an imported product is less expensive than I go for it
  • JULZ94708
    Living in Berkeley, we tend to eat fresh and locally as a way of life. However...and I really hope this is just a regional quirk - the farmers markets in this area are super expensive. It's crazy, off-the-hook the point that I really have to be careful about what produce I choose to buy there.

    For example, the only tomatoes offered at the farmers markets are organic Heirloom tomatoes and they are $4.99 a pound. Ridiculous, right?

    I blame Alice Waters. :)
  • Such a well written article! I tend to eat the foods that are in season, but never made the connection with our nutritional needs for that season. Just this morning I realized I was out of bananas, but told DH I wasn't going for them because we have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches to eat. What fortunate people we are!!!
    My hubby and I spend winters in FL so have an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits grown there year round. I buy wonderful red peppers for .50 each all winter long. Strawberry season starts in January and by the time we go north in mid April, the season is starting there.
    Just talked to our daughter in Columbus, OH who lives in the city but always has a small garden. Yesterday she pickled banana peppers and she told how one Roma tomato plant will probably have about 2 bushels tomatoes on it. She will make her own salsa, gazpacho, etc. That makes me very proud because I always canned a lot of foods.
    We are all such blessed people!!!
  • There's no option on the nutrition tracker (to my knowledge) that can make SEASONAL meal plans. This would be ideal.
  • This is great! Please note that as we eat seasonal items, we also save the environment! With the heavy load that food transportation takes it's toll on our greenhouse emissions, it's always better to eat as local as possible. Thanks Sparkpeople!
  • I love this article! I was raised on a farm and can still remember the taste of our food. I think we are killing ourselves with all the chemicals that get into our foods.
    I will try my hand at growing some of my own veggies and herbs this year. Spring is comming...wish me luck aganist the deer!
  • Sure, I love to eat fresh and local. But when you live in a climate with a six-month growing season that isn't always realistic. My local farmers market runs from early July to mid October. The rest of the year I am very grateful for foods frozen commercially when they were at their peak, and fresh foods brought in from other parts of the country with longer growing seasons. I'm happy to eat asparagus only those few weeks when it is harvested locally. I can limit my sweet corn consumption to early fall. But if I only ate what was harvested locally I think I'd have scurvy and beriberi!
  • The cabbage is especially good now...yum
  • Whenever I go in to read one of these articles I always pan down to earn the points for doing so. Suddenly I cannot ever get my points because it always says the points are earned already. Why is this?
    And don't forget to take advantage of all the wonderful citrus available right now - oranges, grapefruit and clementines, YUM! And loaded with vitamin C.

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