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Wedding Dress Workouts

20 Workouts to Help You Look Perfect on Your Big Day


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Good to know. Report
The first four comments were negative? It is so surprising that people take the time to post negativity .. especially as it relates to brides who want to look their best in photos they will look at for the rest of their lives. Lighten up people! Report
This article exemplifies the culture about women and weight that has created so much pain, eating disorders, and inequality in how women see their role (no reference to the groom needing to shape up?).I would expect this kind of thing in your typical women's magazine (right next to the receipes for Chocolate Death Desserts) but I am disappointed that Sparkpeople would print this. Report
I never tried to look "perfect" on the "big day", talk about stress and not enjoying yourself! Who started that nonsense? They should be hit in the head. You are getting married, not putting on a Broadway Show. Just do your normal exercise, happiness in your marriage has nothing to do with looking "perfect". Report

I am not reading that it is ALWAYS important to work on good health and having strong muscles, regardless of whether you're getting married or not.

What I did was get a dress that fitted ME instead of trying to fit myself into the DRESS. I think that saved a lot of trouble! Report
stupid shows like 'say yes to the dress' and 'bridezillas' are so ridiculous - all of you lovely brides out there - use your own head, pick a dress that suits you NOW and do not put pressure on yourselves that is so unnecessary.
if i were a young person looking to be married in today's oversell market - i would just go to whatever clergy or city hall with my two witnesses and do it. thousands of dollars for fifteen minutes is not worth it. STOP ALL THIS INSANITY and stop believing all the hype. you can buy a car or a house for what a wedding costs these days and it will last a lot longer!!! Report
I have 6 months and I'm getting worried that that is not enough time to do what I want to do as far as weightloss but I sure will try
So glad I could find some exercises that will help me fit in my dress that was bought on internet and is too small for me... As well as help me look great in my dress! :) Report
This was such a great article to read. I make wedding dresses and I can see how the exercises would sold many dilema's. Thank you for posting . :) Report
This is just what i was looking for, i am a bridesmaid in October 09 and its my own wedding in March '10, So gonna be using these!!! Report
I just started doing these. They are easy to do, quick, and the best part is that they don't make me ridiculously sore. :-) Report
I really appriceate this article. I'm not getting married, but have applied these workouts to looking great as a bridesmaid in a strapless dress! Report
My wedding is next July 09'. I will incorporate some of these exercises into my current routines.

Thank you,
Deb Report
My wedding is in May and this will help so much! Great Article!! Report
This is a great article!! My wedding is next June and I can't wait to see my body change for the better!

My wedding certainly has me motivated to lose the weight, but I'm more motivated to change my lifestyle so I can enjoy life more. :) Report

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