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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


  • I always knew drinking my wine coolers counted towards my calories, but not until today did I find out that the Smirnoff Ice drinks I enjoy so much are 228 calories each - Yikes - no wonder I'm battling with weight loss! - 9/27/2008 9:49:06 AM
  • I have drank very little in my life, because I didn't want to hurt my body. Now that I'm 58, I am thankful, because I need all the brain cells I have! - 8/31/2008 1:32:53 AM
  • I have drank very little in my life, because I didn't want to hurt my body. Now that I'm 58, I am thankful, because I need all the brain cells I have! - 8/31/2008 1:32:34 AM
  • wow, 1 bachorette party, and about 2000 extra calories, i'm glad i don't do that often - 8/25/2008 8:39:06 PM
  • This article is very informative and makes the tempation of having a glass of wine after a long day easier knowing just how bad it is for losing weight.After losing 23 pnds I am at a stand still and I think this is just what I needed to know..thanx!!! - 7/14/2008 11:46:40 PM
  • I gave up my nightly wine and followed (not strictly) the South Beach diet, phase 1 for 2 weeks and lost 12 lbs. This is more than I have ever lost in such a short time and I was so jazzed, but then I screwed up over July 4th and drank and ate more than I should have and gained 3lbs. This week I got back on track and I'm trying to recoup the weight loss. So lame!! I know how hard it is to give up the booze, especially when you entertain a lot, but if you quietly consume some pellegrino water with a little lemon in a wine glass, you feel so much in control and are able to sleep through the night & wake up sans hangover!!! - 7/10/2008 6:50:13 PM
  • CRICKET551
    Excellent artical on alcohol i will always remember this as it has been explained so well. Now I can limit my consumption or exercise more, which ever is the lesser evil. - 6/27/2008 5:24:17 AM
    I cut my glass of wine with diner, on the weekends and lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Worth the effort. - 6/26/2008 6:19:13 PM
  • Really helpful to have grounded information about how alcohol is metabolized - beyond just the "empty calories" response. Thanks for posting it! - 6/26/2008 10:44:58 AM
  • Wow!!!! Weep weep......On eof the things I love to do is sit and drink with my friends during the summers. I am a avid wine frinker but ina socialized sitting it takes nothing for me top polish off a bottle or two @750ml. I know I know I am lush lol. But, It is a habit I will have to break if I want to make things work this time huh?

    It's crazy how something so fun can be so bad always!!! But I will comply My Pledge!! - 6/25/2008 6:19:34 PM
  • I'm busted!

    Dramatically cutting alcohol intake plus tracking (i.e., improving and increasing) nutrition and exercise has proven the ONLY way I can weigh less.

    Bummer! - 6/23/2008 7:25:57 PM
    Finally, the scientific reason and facts. I have heard, "Don't drink if you want to lose weight." but no one ever explained why in good, factual reasons. This is the explanation I have been searching for for a long time! - 6/23/2008 6:03:52 PM
  • I'm quite sensitive to both salt and alcohol, which unfortunately I love to eat/drink. I usually have 2 glasses of wine with dinner, but now am going to give them up, as much as I hate to. I can't lose weight and drink at the same time. I also feel "fat" when I drink, or the food I've eaten is too salty.
    This article is excellent, and I've saved it to refer to again. - 6/23/2008 5:12:53 PM
    A contributing to factor to my weight loss success was the elimination of alcohol from my diet. I, now, have so much energy and feel so terrific from the weight loss, it doesn't even begin to compare to the slight buzz from a glass of wine or some scotch. I can still be my social, engaging self, nursing a diet drink and I don't have any of the residual problems. - 6/23/2008 11:39:33 AM
  • My personal opinion is that you canít have both alcohol and weight loss. Speaking from personal experience, every time I was able to successfully lose weight, I did so by completely eliminating alcohol. In fact, I eliminate all beverages that have calories. But for me with alcohol, it affects my will, and I tend to much on things I donít need OR I do lots of rationalizing telling myself to have those chips or cookies, or other things I never would eat otherwise. I do not thing this is something that anybody can make a blanket statement about.

    Maybe for some people, you CAN have both. But I think for me, I cannot. Frankly, I would rather save those calories for something else more enjoyable. - 6/23/2008 10:36:51 AM

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