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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


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    This article is 100% spot on. I don't drink very often, but, when I do go out for a "girls night" I absolutely, run into every one of these problems with drinking. And the next day, in order to try to "cure" the hangover, I tend to eat not so healthy in order to ease the hangover. Which of course never happens. Thank you for the insight and article.
  • Phew! I'm glad I don't drink atall!
  • Interesting comments.. not so much article, especially when the lead in talks about having an occasional drink. I think if you are able to balance and factor in the calories, then it is good. I have found that alcohol slows down my weight loss simply because if I have a glass of wine as soon as I get home from work, I don't want to go for a jog or exercise, but I don't know if I would even do those things after a tough day anyway.

    A glass of wine isn't bad, and I'd rather get antioxidants from that then green tea, lol. But its the heavier drinks that are best saved for a special event, like a girls night out, but it can be factored in, like treat points. If you are allowed to treat yourself to a cookie everyday or a piece of cake once a week (which SP says is OK), why not alcohol? I'd rather have a glass of wine then a cookie honestly, and it's measured and I don't deviate from my plan, so why not.
  • So, am I reading this right .. . . if alcohol has very few calories per ounce (shot), then one Rum & diet soda would be a better choice than the fruity flavored mixed drinks.
  • It's been proven that the color of the beer is not indicative of the amount of calories you are consuming in beer. Not all dark beers have more calories than light. Guinness is a dark beer is often an example of a dark beer with fewer calories than other lighter colored (craft) beers.

    The article is right, however, in that I never lose weight while drinking. A week and a half ago, I managed to go to a festival in which I drank about five beers, and managed to maintain my weight.... mostly because I didn't eat any extra food that day. All my meals were at different times, but I didn't consumer anymore than usual. That was a huge triumph for me. :)
  • I agree with ELBALL - there should have been better advice, not just "don't drink," LOL! I am not for anyone overindulging, and I completely agree that's not healthy. However, the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption are there; I grew up that way (in a European household, where beer, wine and occasional liquor are normal and, in the family home, consumed in moderation - not demonized as often happens in "politically correct" America), and I never stopped drinking as I lost 40 lbs. over about a one-year period (starting in Dec. 2010) and have kept it off (yes, while drinking) ever since. Just like the "cut carbs" craze, it's not about alcohol - good health and sustainable weight loss are about BALANCE and getting into healthy routines. Find what works for you!
  • Entertained at the comments. Lol @ all the people butt hurt about drinking. I'm from wisconsin... here drinking is more like a profession than a casual passtime, and going to any sporting event means you'll be looking at a crowd dominated by beer bellys.

    Don't get me wrong... I drink plenty, but don't kid yourselves people, it's not a healthy habit (save the 1 glass of redwine speach, get your antioxidents from green tea...)
    Eh, I wasn't too impressed by this article. Pretty unbiased in favor of not drinking. And yeah, if you're drinking multiple drinks every day - you're gonna have a bad diet time. But how about some support for someone looking to slip in a drink on occasion in a healthy manner?

    There are other ways to "save" up calories for alcohol besides skipping entire meals, too. This article assumes quite a lot about the habits of the hypothetical drinking dieter.
  • Great news ...all the major companies are now coming out with sugar free mixers and cocktail mixes . I mean sugar is the enemy here...Of course I am speaking for the general public who do not have an addiction to alcohol.

    i think the writer of this article assumes his readers have no self control. yes indeed, some people have very little self awareness and cannot functionally drink at all. yes...some people self sabotage themselves when drinking... but what the f*#$@...i drink 6 weighed ounces of liquor a night which take up about 450 cals for me of my 1200 cal diet, i have not once over drank, i have not felt sick, i work out every single GD day for a minimum cal loss of 475 (1000+ on a good day) and eat one single large meal per day afterwards...i'm healthy...happy, and not in any form of "starvation mode" and in fact very fit. there are a ton of myths surrounding dieting...most of which assume all of you are idiots who lack educational resources and discipline. as with anything that involves health...there are tons of bureaucratic BS "insurance" factors being spread around. i'll lay it out simply for you. IF YOU LOSE SELF CONTROL DRINKING: DO NOT DRINK. THE IMPLICATIONS ARE MUCH DEEPER THAN ALCOHOL IF THIS IS THE CASE....... everyone else: enjoy yourselves
    A very good article! Unbiased and full of useful information. It is best to abstain from drinking, for those who can, as numerous reports over the years have shown the healthy advantages of not drinking, not to mention the fact that non-drinkers don't have to worry about beer bellies. :) But for those who must, please just remember to do so in moderation, especially if you're going to get behind the wheel. I'll share this article with my friends.
    I'm not a daily drinker, but I have a high tolerance. Maybe a couple days out of the month I'll get myself nicely buzzed on a Saturday night (it takes about 2-3 servings per hour to get me there, and 1 every hour after to maintain).

    Yes, I know it is a grotesque amount of calories I consume... Especially when I go for my dark beers. Usually it's tequila shots or rum and diet soda. I drink water in between and keep fresh veggies on hand in case I want to munch. I plan my "drunk days" a week in advance, and over the course of the week, I eat at the bottom of my calorie range and squeeze in some extra exercise to make room for the alcohol.

    I'm happy to report I haven't had a hangover from this, nor do I have any health problems as a result. I'm consistently losing about 1.8 lbs. per week, too, so it obviously hasn't hurt my weight loss efforts.

    Just my $0.02 worth... Your mileage may vary.
  • Thanks for sharing this today. Great info. Saved me from doing a SparkSearch for this info.
  • Ooops! I mean Liz! Not Becky!
  • You know, looking at some of the comments I can see that this article was needed for a lot of people!
    Thanks for writing it, Becky!

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