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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


    Before I started to lose weight, I would drink wine pretty much every day, at least one glass with dinner. When I started to lose weight in April of 2012, I decided to elimate drinking during the week and I only allow myself to drink on the weekends. I now drink on Friday nights, Saturday nights, and most Sunday nights. It can be anywhere from just one glass to more than one bottle of wine (depending on how I feel and if I go out to dinner with my best friend, etc). So, I still drink plenty on weekends and I have lost over 60 pounds so far. I will never, ever give up drinking and I have proven, at least to myself, that I do not have to. As long as I watch my calories and I workout 5 days a week, I can have alcohol. - 7/18/2013 3:41:04 PM
  • Thanks for sharing. I do not drink so now I won't begin. - 7/18/2013 7:15:55 AM
    This is a reply to GKASHMIRA re: citations. On the Livestrong website they also discuss this, and these citations were given:; Slow Metabolism: Is It to Blame for Weight Gain?; Donald Hensrud, M.D.; Aug. 27, 2009
    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; Relationships Between Nutrition, Alcohol Use, and Liver Disease; Charles S. Lieber, M.D., M.A.C.P.
    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: Alcohol Alert Alcoholism Metabolic Syndrome

    Read more:
    hS9K - 7/16/2013 2:05:53 PM
    Though I did find this article interesting, I also found it a bit alarmist and misleading.

    For instance, saying “Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and offers NO nutritional value”, needs to be qualified. It may be true enough for pure alcohol but nobody drinks pure alcohol. There is amazing nutritional value in wine, of which only 7% -16% is alcohol, depending on the wine.

    Many alcoholic drinks, especially beer and wine, have enormous nutritional value and a ton more nutritional value than water. Wine is a healthy nutritional drink, cola is not!

    It was interesting to see that of all alcoholic beverages listed, wine had the fewest calories. That makes a lot of sense.

    Bartholomew Broadbent - 7/16/2013 12:12:22 PM
  • I drink only one beer a day. It's regular beer, not light because the 20 calories from the beer I drink is not worth sacrificing taste. I drink plenty of water/unsweetened herbal tea throughout the day to flush out anything from that one beer, consumed mid afternoon. I don't eat with my beer, but I do sip it and then chase it down with 16 oz of water in time for supper. It's helped me with my weight loss as I feel a little full when I finish it so I take less for supper. - 7/16/2013 10:26:16 AM
    Alcohol increased my appetite and lowered my inhibitions, so I used to binge-eat when I drank. I'm so glad I gave it up; it's also a contributor to breast cancer risk. I'd rather try to get some of those antioxidants via wild blueberries and other berries - I think they're far healthier, and I don't want to regain the 70+ pounds I lost when I gave up alcohol. - 7/16/2013 8:39:12 AM
  • I don't disagree that drinking alcohol can inhibit weight loss, but to say there are NO nutritional benefits is clearly false. What about the studies showing that moderate drinking (1Xday) is beneficial to heart health? or the positive effects of moderate alcohol drinking on cholesterol or diabetes? The article was very one-sided, so any conclusions were hard to take seriously. - 7/16/2013 1:30:51 AM
    Great Article!! most of us have mislabeled Alcohol and Weight loss are 2 contradicting scenario, BUT not all the time!! There are Now proven studies that shows these 2 are actually can work together with some techniques applied. See it here!!! - 6/29/2013 1:56:47 PM
  • I'll drink to that! - 4/21/2013 1:59:35 PM
    I actually have the opposite problem. I have lost 22 lbs since January 1, 2013 while drinking a few glasses of wine a night. I know that drinking will slowdown weight loss and has other side effects therefore I decided to quit drinking three weeks ago. Since then I have only lost 1 lb and my weight loss has slowed down. I am looking for a possible explanation and possible solution I might try. I don't want to start drinking again and I have not changed my diet plan outside of not drinking. Can anyone help me? - 4/3/2013 4:02:19 PM
  • Lots of good reasons to quit drinking - 3/20/2013 9:19:58 AM
  • KO2063
    Alcohol will stop the burning of all other fats for a period up to 16 hours or longer. A swiss study 25 years ago publishing in the NEJM based on research where they hooked up the people after drinking to masks and monitored thier expiated gas levels indicated that they were burning the alcohol first not anything else. IT all makes sense It is cleaner and more available than everything else and needs no conversion.

    KO - 3/3/2013 6:07:16 PM
    if you are on a weight loss program never ever try to drink alcohol regularly
    you can have a drink twice a month - 2/13/2013 3:19:33 AM
    i was doing lot of workout in home and spending good time in gym but consuming the alcohol as well , now after reading this all decided to stop drinking regularly
    Thank u - 2/13/2013 3:17:39 AM
    Alcohol Usage Throughout Pregnant State can be Dangerous for more information

    Alcoholism – Fetuses subjected to large excessive drinking by their mothers while still in the uterus require considerably more tests to habituate and also exhibit a better variation in test efficiency, a new medical research has revealed.... - 2/1/2013 3:35:36 AM

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