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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


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  • CHA1975
    Agreed..good article. I used to only drink when I went out with my husband. Now, I drink wine nightly to help with stress from my job. I load it with ice though, so the effect is not as strong, but it's usually 2 full glasses. I work out (boot camp) mainly 5 days a week, but the results are slow. I will cut out the wine for a month and see if there's a major difference. Either way, I do need to cut back or at least go back to every now and then.
  • Luckily, I don't like alcohol.
  • Alcohol is a carb so diabetics really need to budget this in their daily carb intake.
  • Great info. And as said, all things in moderation!
  • all things in moderation - agreed
  • All things in moderation works for me. One of the points of working on my health is to enjoy my life more. I enjoy the occasional rum & coke (coke zero). Eat better, eat less, exercise more - but let's not be fanatical about it. :)
  • very interesting!
  • drinks are for special times....maybe once a year
    Oh dear, I suppose all of those facts are pretty obvious but from time to time, we all conveniently "forget" them! I am having a month off alcohol, to see if it makes any difference and I'm hoping it will at least make me feel better... If not, then I will go back to polishing my halo!!!!! (sorry for the joke, but I am acutely aware that I potentially sabotage my efforts with a single night out that can often go pear shaped ie I drink more than I intended to, then I eat some food I wouldn't normally have)
    I'm so glad that I simply can't stand the taste of alcoholic beverages, no matter how cutely doctored up, and ads shown of pretty people laughing and having fun! I tried to learn to like it while young, but it makes me throw up. Even the smell gets to my stomach, I went with others on a wine tasting tour, the smell made me throw up while the tour guide was talking about all the varieties they had, red wine smell in particular does it to me! At least one thing I don't need to worry about having to stop myself from having.......
  • Apart from those with medical issues, the real issue we Americans have is a serious problem with moderation. We live big and have a strong tendency to overdo it with everything--food, alcohol, homes, Target trips (lol!) and even healthy things like exercise. I know we hear it again and again, but a lot of Europeans have got it right. "A little bit of everything without overdoing it" is something I've heard again and again here (I live in Italy) regarding diet. And while people here tend to have more natural activity in their daily lives, there isn't nearly as much of the gym rat culture here as you see in the US. It's not rocket science why Europeans tend to be slimmer than their American counterparts in spite of the fact that they love and are very proud of their food and alcohol. Maybe that's why they can afford to have universal health care as well--there's far less obesity related illness.
  • 3-5 oz. of a good red wine, not every day, seems to help my weight loss. I can sometimes substitute this for consuming more calories with a meal, or for a high calorie dessert.
  • Yet another instance where teetotalers have a leg-up.
    I've never understood the appeal of inebriation, personally.
  • Alcohol use, over time, is comprehensively toxic to the bodys systems. Here is a partial list of damage caused by alcohol:

    Brain Damage - blackouts, memory loss, anxiety, serious mental health problems
    Cancers - second biggest risk factor for mouth cancer behind smoking, liver cancer
    Heart and circulatory damage - high blood pressure, weakening of the heart, irregular hear rate/rhythm, heart failure
    Lung infections
    Liver - cirrhosis, alcohol induced hepatitis, permanent scarring
    Pancreas - inflammation
    Intestine - inhibits body's ability to absorb nutrients
    Kidney damage
    Bone damage
    Weight gain
    Skin damage
    Sexual health damage
    Social effect - become a victim of crime, rape, etc
    Stomach - ulcers internal bleeding
  • There is sooo much more to a choice to drink alcohol than nutrition. I mean, why would you put something in your body that is "a toxin". There are cultural reasons. Social reasons. Many people feel so uncomfortable with themselves that they find the numbing of alcohol to be helpful. I'm like this. But, unfortunately, numbing isn't selective. Anger, pain, fear, and other "negatives" are numbed, but so is joy, gratitude and everything else.

    If you like the taste of an alcoholic beverage and feel you are considering putting a nutritionally valueless substance in your body, why not seek a healthy alternative?

    Oh, and if you find that you can't stop drinking when you have decided you want to, that is another conversation. PM me and we can talk. I've been there.

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