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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


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This pretty much sums up why i'm not losing any weight. Report
Good article. I'm still night giving up my Friday night Miller lights. I'll just have to account for this in my plan. Moderation not deprivation. Report
I've read this article several times too. But I forgot one thing; the food tracker lists a wine serving as 3.5oz and the article lists a serving as 5oz! Guess I better step it up :)
But seriously cutting down to one drink a day has been difficult but doable. Report
I've read this article about 4 times over the last couple of years, and I find it always gets me back on track. The last time I laid off the hops pops for two weeks, I really felt some awesome benefits, and I was a lot stronger in my workouts. Right now, I'm trying to recapture that. Report
I hate that! Still .... if I'm going to be successful, I have account for alcohol ... just a small part of life that I enjoy and don't feel should be completely given up. Report
Wow I just was talking about this with a friend,,,humm I like my wine and beer but I also know the harm that comes with it when trying to loose weight.I love the great info and makes it more real seeing it and reading it.I Have my goals and in order for me to get there I know what I need to do.I started on this web site six days and stop the wine and beer.I feel great...I did have bad headachs for 5 days and I know that has someting to do with it.I am feeling better and did not like that my body miss it so much.I want to be able to have control over me.. not the beer and wine.Don't get me wrong I love my beer and wine but I will enjoy it in moderation...I just feel it's better for me that way at this time...thanks for reading Report
Confessions of a party girl... I would rather put in 2 more hours a week of exercise than give up (at least) my wine! The trouble is finding an extra 2 hours a week! haha. The downfall of my diet plans... it was so much easier to stay healthy when I was under 21! Report
Awsome article, I too learned alot here and I like the idea of starting a group trying to cut back on alcohol for support. My husband and I like to have 1-2 drinks every night just to relax and converse about our day, so I know that I won't give it up totally. Report
Excellent Article!!!! I know perfectly well how alcohol hinders my fitness progress,-thanks for reiterating it with this. Report
This was a good article. Not that it'll stop me from having the occasional beer, but it will make me think about what I am eating before and during the time I am drinking.

Thanks for the information! Report
I also didn't know about alcohol depleting your potassium. I have to take potassium supplements by prescription as the doc found at my yearly physical that my level was way too low. I drink 2 glasses of wine a night during the week & 3 on Fri. & Sat. nights when we go out with friends.

When my husband comes home from work, it is the way we socialize with each other & relax & talk about our days. It will be difficult to give up, but I will try it. I think I will attempt that first as I'm not good at making huge goals (I end up failing too often; I'm better at "baby steps"). I think it would be great to have a group started for people trying to limit or avoid alcohol altogether as one person suggested.--Suzy Report
This is a VERY good article!! It gives the facts... which is what i need to change my behavior.. i have found some of the non-alcoholic drinks very refreshing husband and i put the drink in a wine glass and viola!!! instant pretend wine and real conversation.. BTW-- i also think like everything else a glass of wine every now and then isnt totally out.. its about BALANCE... Report
My take, unless your in the maintenance mode of your diet, just say no to alcohol. How bad do you want to loose weight? If you're drinking alcohol while dieting, which this article called an "enemy" of weightloss, maybe you should reassess your level of motivation and do something to re-motivate yourself. Alcohol will always be there later when the calories wont knock you off your dieting goals. Report
I wake up with a hangover and THIS is the SP article of the day???!!! Too bad I didn't see it yesterday, ha ha. Good article though. Report
I didn't realize that my body focuses on the alcohol causes the carb filled pizza I eat with my beer to turn right into fat. Report

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