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Dining Out: Steakhouse Cuisine

Restaurant-Specific Strategies


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  • I like a good steakhouse steak something to consider before I go.
    Since we hardly ever go to a steakhouse, all of these "dangers" at a steakhouse is the reason we go, to finally have some good tasting foods. We don't do it often, so just enjoy it and go back to not so tasty food , which means so called healthy food.
  • Sometimes when I go out to eat, it's because I want to enjoy those 'once in a while' foods. When I have ordered fish at restaurants because I'm trying to make a healthier choice, I'm often disappointed. If I ate at these places often, I would surely take the skin of fried chicken, but since I only do it on occasion, I want to enjoy it 100%...that includes skin. It makes more sense to balance out my meal, so I'm not loading up on every indulgence in one sitting. I'll save the gratin potatoes for a visit when I choose shrimp, for example...
    very useful article with great tips
  • Hmm, a potato has only 68 calories? I don't think so. No doubt a baked potato is better for you than ffries, but a small potato has 110 calories. Also, I question the calorie count for poppers. Those must be colassal poppers to have 300 calories each. 200 calories each is a more likely count.
  • When getting large portions at a restaurant, I ask for a box before I start eating and place half of everything in the box. There is dinner or lunch for the next day ready to go and I'm not tempted to clean my plate.
  • 2 crab cakes at 240 cals and 15g of fat look lots better than some of the entrees suggested. I've frequently had crab cakes appetizer as dinner, along with a side salad. Like everything else, pay attention!
    I've always stripped the skin from the breast meat, even when eating at Popeyes or Roy Rogers! I did it because I didn't like the taste or feel of the skin, but it is good to know I was actually making it a more healthy dish!

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