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Restaurant Nutrition Index

An Alphabetized Index of Your Favorites


  • Well, the links are all bad but at lest I got five points for "reading the article". - 8/28/2013 10:21:14 AM
    Most of these links were bad. No help at all! - 7/7/2013 2:59:13 AM
    I also found a more updated list at - 7/18/2012 4:29:59 PM
  • The Ruby Tuesday's link is bad. - 4/15/2012 3:53:55 PM
    Very happy to see the nutritional values listed for the restaurants, I don't believe that people are always aware of how many calories they are eating and subsequently paying for. Yes, you pay for the pounds that you gain, at the store, restaurant or in your home. Fat is not free.
    Most restaurants have the nutritional info listed on their websites. I always check out the menu before going to the restaurant. That is not to say that I always make the healthiest choices or I wouldn't be here would I? - 12/7/2011 2:55:46 PM
  • no cheesecake factory? - 10/16/2010 10:01:26 AM
  • This article makes me want to gain a lot of weight all my favorites are on there way to go.thanks. - 10/1/2010 11:32:18 AM
  • Please put more Red Lobster food values on here. - 9/18/2010 9:14:15 PM
    I'd like to see Black Angus and Applebee's if possible. - 9/18/2010 8:03:41 PM
  • All of the links that I tried worked. Some showed the restaurant page and it said "page not found" but if you clicked on the buttons on the page, those worked and you could get to the nutrition information. Very handy!! You can find other restaurants by using Google. - 9/18/2010 5:48:35 PM
  • no applebees? - 9/18/2010 12:29:28 PM
    The guide would come in handy if the links worked. I have tried three so far and gotten a "page not found" message for each one.
    It would be great if someone would go through these periodically and update them! - 9/18/2010 9:41:30 AM
  • This is fantastic - just what I've been looking for - lots of restaurant references all in one place for easy selection. Thank you thank you thank you - 9/18/2010 9:27:27 AM
  • so very helpful....... - 9/3/2010 3:32:12 PM
  • This guide will come in handy!! Thank you for putting it all together!! - 8/25/2010 1:25:26 PM

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