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Weight Loss Journals: Hands-On Inspiration

A Creative Way to Stay Motivated


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  • I've been a scrapbooker and a journaler for over 45 years, and your article about combining the two in a weight loss journal is great! Thanks for sharing and I am going to start mine today!!
  • I've recently started scrapbooking, but never thought to scrapbook my weight loss adventures. Thanks so much for this great, motivating idea!
  • I have a bit of a crafting thumb when I'm inspired, and this was a great feature on the website today! I'm currently on a 30 day pledge of going vegan, and I've been trying to keep an accountability journal myself! I've been attempting to write in it everyday, but I feel like it would be even better to do what Emmy did and break it down into areas that show the highest and lowest points of the journey. What a great keepsake to have and share!
  • How inspirational this story is. I am just starting out on this journey. Now I feel motivated to move on. Thank-you!
  • Emmy - what a great idea. I love to scrap too! You're book looks fabulous - I know you do to; inside and out! Best wishes on your continued journaling and healthy lifestyle!
  • i joined sparkpeople a while ago and I just had 1 excuse after another not to have the time to commit myself to continue with the logging and the articles and all the great stuff this has to offer. When I started to read your story about journaling I figured it was just another one of those articles, But I found it to be so much more. It has really given me some encouragement to continue and concentrate on myself and what I really want out of life from myself. And if it wasn't for the person that commented earlier today I would not have had the courage to write this. I guess this is a start to changing for the better! Thanks!
  • thank u so much.....for the ideal im new to this my currant weight is 226 pds and my first goal is 10 pds then 10 more then 10 more then i'll finally be under the 200 mark...& i plan on a goal of 10pds at a time until i reach my goal thank u so much for your story :o)
  • I'm going to use my blog for this.
    This is a great idea to help set goals with pictures. I can tell you looking at recent pictures of myself is one of the reasons I am dieting.
  • I would like to share with Emmy that I am inspired by her journals. I am an avid journaler and want to create a journal for the weight loss journey. I looked for a group but did not find one yet that has journalers that will share like Emmy has. Thank you.
  • I have had a really hard time getting started & staying motivated. Thanx 4 the awsome inspiring ideas. It really lifted my spirits.
  • Feeling lazy and unmotivated today .... until I read this article!
  • Wow Jan: That was an awesome story. I think I can motivate myself also, since you did such a good job yourself. You inspire me. Haajtjjj1
  • What a great idea! I just picked up a pretty hardcover journal last night at the store because I want to keep something close to me that I can jot in as things come up. I never thought to actually scrapbook it! Great idea!
  • You have inspired me. I have been thinking about creating a "motivation book," but hadn't started. I really like your ideas. I can't read the info on the footprints. Can you describe that photo and the details on the footprints, please?

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