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Weight Loss Journals: Hands-On Inspiration

A Creative Way to Stay Motivated


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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It moved me to tears. You care about yourself and you care about your family. Writing this book documents some very difficult times in your life and shows how you overcame them. It is so brave to share that with people, especially your family. Some people don't realize how difficult it is to be fat and how much more difficult it is to lose... and how strong a person has to be to follow through on their dreams and succeed. Congratulations on your journey!
  • this reminds me of "the Secret" -- if you cansee it you can achieve it.
  • SparkPeople had motivated me to cut out pictures of what I wanted to look like once I achieved my goal. SP told me to tape the pictures where I would be able to see them everyday. I cut out pictures of women who were the size I longed to be and they were always doing some kind of exercise. This helped me to remember the effort it took to lose the weight and how active I could be if I took the excess pounds off. I love the scrap book idea and will begin one when my husband and I come back from treat to myself since I took off 36 pounds partly with the doctor's help and partly with the help of SparkPeople. The visuals really help to stay motivated.
  • I love this idea. Just think how proud you'll feel looking back at the journal to see all you've accomplished! As a mother of three I often think about how moms no longer spend time on themselves and lose themselves, this would be a great way to get to know oneself again! I can't wait to start one. Thank you!
  • I love to scrapbook too. Don't know if I am brave enough to do one about my weight loss. Loved your book. Your ideas were very creative!!! Good job on the book and way to go on your weight loss.
    Great idea! I have never been a journaler, but I like the idea of having a "visual" account of the weight loss journey.
  • Great idea. But like others I don't do scrapbooking.
    This article has inspired me to Journal!
    This is great!! I put a calendar up in my exercise room to track my workouts. I also put a picture of me at my heaviest on the wall and one on the fridge. It motivates me to keep going.
  • That is such a great idea-maybe if I did something like this I would be more motivated!
  • great idea I am not good at srapboobooking but will incorprate into my journel these fabulous ideas rebacca7
  • great idea I am not good at srapboobooking but will incorprate into my journel these fabulous ideas rebacca7
    I was almost in tears after reading your article. Thank you for sharing your scrapbooking idea. You have truly motivated and inspired me!
  • Oh I loved this! Thank you for sharing your story!
    Hi I m new here .. first time posting a message . I like that idea of the journal ..I think it helps you keep a track of your goal to lose weight and stay healthier but also to distract yourself doing scrapbooking .. i like that .. I m really having a hard time to how to start a program for me .. my doctor wants me to do a low carb diest and lose some weight ,, boy I feel like a lost puppy .. what to cook ..where to start .. hmmm ... I ll try this site and see what happens .
    What a great idea! I have lots of scrapbooking supplies that I have not used. I will inventory the box this weekend, replace used items, and begin my Weight Loss Journey journal as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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