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    Hi, my name is Barb and I'm just starting out. I'm a 46 year old mom of two. I'm looking to lose 110 lbs by November 2014. Basically, it will be a combination of watching what I eat, 3 mile walks alternating with the Firm Aerobic with Weights dvds. I think this Sparkle website will help me keep track wit things and its good to see other people on here trying to do the same thing. Wish me luck! :-)
    My name is kayla im 23 and weigh 203. My goal weight is 120!! Ive had three kids in four years and never really had the time in between to lose the baby weight! I sure hope this website helps me reach my goals and i get the support i feel i need from the forums! Thanks guys and wish me luck!
    Hi, I'm Donna and a new Online member of Weight Watchers. I have lost 10 lbs and reached my first goal so that feels good. I still have a long way to go, but I am encouraged by all the great stories I see here of others who have been so successful.
    Hi. My name is Bob and I have been losing the weight for a year now. I'm 38 years old. I lost 22 lbs. since November 2012, and have 20 left to go. I decided to join this group to give inspiration and hopefully, to get some help. I will achieve my goal by the end of January. For exercise I paddle board twice a week (hopefully), rather than go to a gym. Good luck to everyone out there, and feel free to drop me a message.
  • BULLRN58
    Hi, I'm Bullrn58. my company's healthcare insurance/ wellness programs require me to use Sparkpeople in order to receive a 15% discount on premiums for 2014. I hope to gain more muscle, and lose more in premium payments; hope the time spent daily on these trackers will achieve both goals.
    Hi my name is Gail. I have been diagnosed as Prediabetic and my Dr. put me on Metformin, one pill every day. I have been struggling with weight loss and he said that the meds may help me to lose weight. The Dr. never told me anything about diet, or whether to test my blood sugar every day? Not sure what to do I am hoping by joining SparkPeople I can lose weight and help to not become a full blown diabetic.
  • Hi I'm Robin and have been in spark off and on for some time. This time is different because I feel more determined in my mind and my attitude regarding weight and health. since starting this time I am on a low cholesterol diet because none of the medications work . since starting low cholesterol diet i have had no reflux symptoms and i will see what my lab results will be in november. here's to staying positive and active!!
  • hi im dave
    over age over blood pressure over sugar levels and over weight!!!! but we dont worry bout this cos we are gonna lose weight in this spark world and all my over are gonna be lowers!!!
    if you have a clue as to what im saying :D
    Dave x
  • Hi,
    I am Cher and have a goal of losing 60 pounds which I know will help my glucose numbers a lot! I am moving to a vegetarian diet (almost there) and have been feeling much better and the glucose is going down too so I'm pleased with that. I hope that the weight loss and tight control of my diabetes will help with some other health problems such as depression and arthritis. Good luck to everyone!
    Hi, Becky,

    I'm new to SparkPeople but I've been diabetic for 2 years. I find that my interest in cooking helps. I've gotten eating out down to three times a month! I'll be joining recipe forums -- I'm vegetarian, too, which really really need to cut out the fat when you're eating to get that fasting glucose level down.

    I recommend Dr. Neal Barnard's book on Diabetes -- he's done some amazing research and the book is not too technical!

    Keep on posting!
    Hello, my name is Becky, I am new, I just found out yesterday that I am a diabetics, on top of my allergy/sinus, high cholesterol , severe acid reflux, scoliosis, pinch nearves in my neck, osteoarthritis and other things too, my Dr told me I have to lose 15 bls in 3 mo.'s, so here I am I also have bad knees due to arthritis in my joints , I pray that this program can help me to get the weight off and keep it off for it is hard for me to stick with a diet , for I do not like to give up the foods I like to eat , and I was reading some of the food that I should eat and not eat and some of the ones I should not eat is some of the ones I love lol . Spark people I pray that you and the coaches can help me for I just had to go on the diabetics pills yesterday and I do not want to have to incress the dose but the Dr said if I don't get the weight off I will have to take more meds so please help me
  • Hi, my name is Janet and joined spark people about 2 years ago because I gained 35 lbs due to prednisone to treat my lupus. I have been a member of spark people for a year and a half and have lost 35 lbs. I have decided it is a lifelong commitment to manage my weight and have since decided to lose 5 more pounds! It is tough with my disease because I am not able to exercise much, I have to do it all through diet! With spark people I don't have to leave my home and is affordable! I used to have the older version of spark and with this new app I've reached level 5! To anybody who is new the articles give great insight to the latest data on dieting! I learned to love house cleaning when I found out how many calories I burned!
  • You are not alone. God is with you. It was 11 years ago that my mother had to stay home with my dad. It was hard but it made us all closer. We didn't have much time after my dad became sick. So every moment was a treasure. God is amazing. Just look all around you.
  • WALHML50
    Hi my name is Wanda, i live with RA, i am waiting on a hip replacement. I am hoping to get back in shape for walking, i had a hip replaced in 2011. I was getting back on track, when i found out i need an other replacement. I have not been able to walk without my walker for over eight months. Im afraid i have lost most of my muscle in my leg. I am trying to build muscle strength in my legs and core strength. I have been using your video with the chair exercise. Thank you
  • Hi my name is Norma and I am new to this site. I hope that it will help me get fit. So far I am enjoying all the sites.

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