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Plateau Busters - Part 3

Add Variety to Your Workouts


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  • wow i cant believe how helpful that article was!! i found myself nodding my head while reading!! i am defenitly in a bit if plateau right now but i am not giving up i know just how to get out of it now

    thanks so much!!!
  • I think I have hit a plateau so I have been considering buying a Tae bo tape just to add something different to my workout and maybe adding some reps to my strength training workout.
    Thanks for this article, because I REALLY needed to read that! I've heard that you're supposed to change your workout every so often, but I never heard WHY. Finding out that my muscles get ver efficient at doing the same exercises over and over is exactly what I needed to know!
  • This was a great reminder of what is needed to overcome a plateau. I'm saving it for future reference!
  • Nicole - I would love it if you could explain how over training causes a person to not sleep as mentioned in this article...


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