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Plateau Busters - Part 3

Add Variety to Your Workouts


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  • 97MONTY
    Information I can use.
  • Just started changing up exercise routine and it does make a diffetence.
  • I think the key is I always have to challenge myself.
  • This was helpful. I hit a plateau last month after losing 17 lbs. I varied my routine and have begun to lose weight again, but not at the previous pace. I will incorporate some other tips into my routine-- especially adequate sleep.
  • Joined the 28 day bootcamp challenge to break the plateau
  • Thank you for the advice. I already do most of them. I don't drink alot so I guess I'll try that.
  • I hope that some of these tips will help me get past the plateau I have reached. I have started varying my exercise routine quite a bit and increased reps and weights on my strength training. Going to look for other things I can do as well.
  • It was hitting a plateau that brought me to Sparkpeople in the first place. I had lost a "quick" twenty pounds within two months of starting a diet/exercise program, and then everything ground to a halt. Finding resources and support like this is exactly what I had hoped when I signed up here.
  • TERIANA, losing ten pounds in one month is terrific! Whatever you are doing, it seems to be the right thing. Keep it up!
  • Okay, one month into SP and I have already hit my first plateau. Now this is when it gets scary for me because typically this is when I give up. I don't have a lot of options for working out because I live in a rural area, but I will get an exercise DVD and try that instead of walking. However, I doubt my body could have "grown accustomed" to walking in just a few weeks. I am feeling a bit discouraged today but I will not give up.
  • I came cross this article just at the right time. I have been in a kinda rut for the past month, not knowing why, now I am willing to try out these tips given by Nicole.
  • It should be understood that if you have tried all or some of the plateau suggestions and it doesn't work, then perhaps you do need other methods or need to see a nutritionist or endocrinologist. Basically these articles are offered to help those that it can help. My mom hit a plateau and I gave her the tips, she followed through and started losing weight again.
  • I agree with the most recent statement. I was 140 3 years ago and managed to gain 35 lbs within 2 years. I was working out 5-6 times per week 1-2 hours per day and still continued to gain weight. I eat well and watch my sugar, fat, and salt intake. The articles focusing on plateaus I've read on SparksPeople have been less than useful. I am hoping that there would be something for people who have tried everything and what they could do next. Something outside of the box, like seeing a nutritionist, or endocrinologist, looking at current health challenges and seeing if those would affect your weight. Also determing if medications are a cause and looking at alternative medicines. Please look into providing a more broad range of information for those of us who have gone through the usual steps of getting past a plateau. I plan on looking at other means of meeting my weight loss goals.

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