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Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 3

The 3 S's of Success


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Great tips. I look forward to employing them Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have read many Spark People articles and I would say that this one has been the most informative one that I have read in the 4 years that I have been with Spark People. This article has given me insight into myself and I am ready to make the needed changes. Report
Great messages in this Report
I didn't realize most of these concepts consciously, but after reading these articles, my own process for weight loss touched on most of these concepts. Being aware of these concepts should make the process that much easier. Very well done. Thanks. Report
Thank you for writing this article in such a way that it touches gently.

My psych prof was a Yallie and he didn't come close to teaching us how to pass along this information. I've read it several times, it's so on the mark. Report
Great article. Report
Another excellent article by Coach Dean. Excellent presentation of important concepts. Report

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