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6 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Small Changes for Big Results


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  • Thanks for the reminders!
    Thank you for some timely reminders.
  • Slow and steady really is best. And when you need to lose a lot so is breaking it down into mangeable goals and then maintaining each goal for awhile. I need to lose 10 - gained after very hard year dealing with meds and medical issues. Goal # 1 is to lose that 10 and maintain for a month, maybe 2 - then I'll hit the 10 I always wanted to lose. When I do that then I'll maintain for 2-3 months before moving to the 10 I feel I should lose to enable others to help me more easily when I need it - and yes, move to maintain it and the other 20 for as long as I am able.
    This broadly encompassing article really grounded some of my more constructive thinking regarding weight loss. Based on the "steady, easy-does-it" wise philosophy recommended here, I think I'll concentrate on consistency and weigh myself just once a month (which has been a successful technique for me in the past). I've also gone through destructive bouts of "scale-hopping," i.e., jumping on the scale once a day and "living 'n' dying by the scale" - always a rotten idea for me, as my weight can vary up to 5-6 pounds within a day. Thank you!
  • I thought this was a good article, and motivating as well. I have a comment regarding daily weighing. I recently read an article that said research shows that people who weigh themselves daily tend to lose more weight. I've read comments on both sides of that issue. Personally, when I weigh daily, I am more conscious of my decision to lose weight.
  • This blog was very helpful. Even I am trying to loose weight from long back but reading this blog I got to know where I use to commit mistake. Keep posting such helpful blogs.
  • Good article, timely reminders of things I should know but helps to see reinforced.

    My 2 cents is that I do much better mentally if I weigh-in daily. I can deal with daily fluctuations (I understand trend lines!) and can often rationalize day-to-day why my weight is the same or went up. Weekly weigh-ins carry too much "weight" (pun alert) and with less data, the trends can be more difficult to see.
  • Right on the money!!! Yesterday I did a blog centered around why I'm losing only a few ounces when I had been on an average 1.5lb a week. I had not been reaching my calorie range set by my dietician of 1550. Instead I had slipped back into the range of 1,00,,,perhaps less to 1200. I'm of course correcting this. I started off at 248 beginning of Jan,,,, I started at 288,,, goal is 198 end of the year. Just need to stay focused.

    Yes there WILL be those times of eating more ,,,,remember SPARKS is NOT a diet,,, those DEPRIVE us,,, it's a LIFESTYLE change,,, celebrating!!!
  • I love this article! Great reminders for losing and maintaining.
    @dietsuggestions gives some more about what to avoid and what to eat.
    Nourishment Labels
    Reducing Calories Too Low
    Coming to be Obsessed With Your Weight and the Scale
    Changing Up Your Routine Too Often
    Over-Restricting Your Food Choices
    Obsessing Over Calories as well as Macronutrient Ratios
    Only Focusing on External Appearance
  • I found this article had a lot of good reminders for me. I have gotten extremely frustrated with my weight loss! The first 40 lbs came off pretty quickly and easily for me while I was doing the HCG diet which some people may or may not be familiar with. Basically I would call it a "near starvation diet" and it was miserable. It was effective at making me lose weight quickly, but when I went off that diet I gained 10lbs back within less than a month. Due to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, after gaining the initial 10 back, I have maintained where I am at but any time I try to lose any more weight it comes off EXTREMELY slow! So slow that I often feel like giving up! I have only lost 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks which I assume is just water weight since I am no longer eating overly processed foods. So, now I am resorting to calorie counting which I absolutely hate but hopefully this will get those last 30-35 lbs off!
  • This was a good article except for one glaring problem. I was so disappointed to see "starvation mode" invoked. This concept continues to be misunderstood and incorrectly applied, as happened in this article. I try to avoid nit-picking others' writing, but the whole "starvation mode" thing continues to be thrown around in discussions about weight loss, and leads to a lot of misunderstanding and poor decisions.
  • I'm glad I came across this just now. I'm very close to reaching my first goal at the end of the month and was wondering what goal I should set next. A certain amount of weight loss by New Years? ehhh it will only be about 5 weeks. Then my b-day is in March, so maybe I'll try to get below 200 for that. But that's about 36 pounds in 15 weeks...about 6 more than the recommended amount. Still , maybe it's worth the focus. Can't decide, but leaning towards that one. If anyone has any suggestions send me a note!

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