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15 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Healthy Groceries

Beyond Clipping Coupons: Real-World Strategies that Work


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  • hmm, some good suggestions but honestly food is just plain out expensive. not all generic are created equal and for some of us, lactose free, gluten free must have's, are killer on the wallet!! I do think less meat is a great idea ( no, not a vegetarian, just stingy with the grocery money). I think its insane that food that is suppose to healthier cost triple of that of junk food. we live in a backwards world.
  • All good suggestions. Thanks for sharing.
  • Great article! Good tips! I never shop hungry!!
  • thanks, helpful comments
  • so good to know that I am already doing most of these already. Growing some of my own fruits and veggies is not possible for me, but otherwise I am doing everything I can, yet things are still so very expensive.
  • This article was from 2009, but it's just as true today. Brought up by parents who married during the Great Depression, it's the way I was taught to shop and still, at 73, shop.
    Thanks for sharing
  • Again - an article last commented on 1/2 a year ago. The absolute best way to save money on shopping - for anything - NOT JUST FOOD - is to know what it costs and do a little homework to save legwork later.

    Prices in California are 60% higher for produce than they were in Virginia where we moved from - talk about a shock. We are a produce eating family - especially me.

    We never buy bulk since there are only two of us. Mealy bugs find their way into everything even jars.

    Subtitling legumes for meat is great - and we do it all the time but to do it right and get compelte protein and some flavor takes work.
    Sometimes fresh produce is not the best buy, so look in the frozen foods! They are just as healthy, healthier than canned, and frequently on sale. I only buy certain cuts of meat, and when my store has it on sale, I stock up, and freeze the extra. Example - last week lean ground beef was on sale, so I bought several pounds, made about two dozen meatballs, and froze them in bags. Also, prepackaged chicken breasts are $4.99/ pound, but the same chicken is $1.99/pound in the butcher case... I never buy pasta sauce, I buy cans of crushed and diced tomatoes, cook a Crock Pot full of sauce, and freeze 2-3 cup portions in freezer bags (lay the bags flat to freeze them, and they are easier to store). My husband loves blueberries year round, so over the summer, when they are cheap, I buy extra and freeze bags of berries too...
  • Also missed the comment of avoiding organic, which helps me save a lot of money. But good article overall.
  • " products are usually just as good, and less expensive."

    My mom used to say that. Any kid who grew up poor knows it's a dirty lie.
    Growing your own wound up not being a savings at all, it cost too much to build up the garden area, price of water, time wasted to take care of it, and frankly the stuff homegrown really didn't taste better after all of that.... And the family was sick of salad, didn't want to see a tomato ever again.
  • If you can, grow some of your own veggies. All I have is a patio and I'm growing like crazy, all things salad! See how you can freeze certain seasonal fruits/veggies and learn to can (and dehydrate) and you can store up for the winter months. I'm lucky enough to live near a farming community so I do U-pick blueberries, strawberries, corn, and so on...this is SO much cheaper than anything you'll find at your local grocery store. Also at the end of the season some farmers have programs that allow you to come out and pick anything left over for FREE. Farmers markets can be a big savings too and typically much fresher. Also buying bulk on things like brown rice, flower, and beans. Yes, they take more time to prepare but the price per serving is typically much lower.
    i already do all this and its still waaaaaay expensive to eat healthy . normally a person can survive spending five dollars on fast food to live . to eat healthy your spending at least 2.00 on lettuuce 1.00 green pepper 1.00 tomato 1.00 avocado , .2 egg , .5 apple .5 cereal , ........... its at least like 12.00 a day to eat healthy and not be loaded with carbs . any healthy low carb cheap recommendations ?
  • This is a great article! I don't buy canned beans any more. It is so easy to cook dried beans and lentils from scratch and then freeze them. The best thing besides saving money is that they have little to no sodium, unlike canned goods.

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