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Busting the Top 5 Excuses to Overindulge During the Holidays

Strategies to Cope with Holiday Eating


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  • this was a great article!
    we are actually having an office party today where everyone brings food and eat ALL DAY!

    I opted to not bring a thing though because if i cook sweets i usually end up eating them while im cooking!

    i think the tip: how will you feel if you over indulge is great!!

    i never think about how i will feel if i eat too much until its too late, and i feel like crap and im mad at myself for sabatoging all my hard work!
  • This was a good article. I get caught up with the "I'll get back on track tomorrow" way of thinking----and I'm now remembering that there's ALWAYS a reason to overeat (SuperBowl Party, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.), so I now focus on how I feel when I can slip my jeans on and no struggle to pull them up.
  • this is some good advice, I much on carrots & celery before I go to a party where I know there will be alot of good food.
  • Great article! One of the things I find when I overindulge on deserts & pastries during the holidays & keep too many "goodies" on hand is that it then becomes a hard-to-break habit for me & I find myself craving desert after dinner every day instead of a more heathy snack of fresh fruit.
  • I have this dress that I want to wear for Mother's Day. I have it hanging on the back of my bedroom door. When I am offered extra yummies loaded with fat and calories...I picture that dress. That helps me keep my eye on my mini-goal and makes it much easier to resist. I also ask myself...Is it really worth it? I have worked hard to lose 73 pounds. Do you know how many cardio bootcamp minutes I need to burn off a stupid cookie?!!?
  • If you are tempted, try tracking/counting in your head or on a notepad. If you still want it after looking at those numbers, it's probably okay.
  • Taking smaller portions & eating mindfully, savoring everything, makes enjoyment of holiday food more intense. On Thanksgiving I ate this way. Everything tasted SO GOOD, & I felt happy & satisfied. I did go 300 calories over my normal allotment that day, but by the next Monday I had lost another pound.
  • If you feel you won't have the willpower to say NO, then right down some of these points on a 3x5 and take it with you to look at and remind yourself. Don't listen to your INNER BRAT, who is a liar.

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