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Enhance the Flavor of Your Food

Improve Taste without Calories, Fat or Sodium


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  • My favorite item for salvaging my bland, low-salt soups and stews--one chopped jalapeno pepper, and, of course, onions, onions, and more onions.
  • This is great inspiration! I especially like getting some new ideas for dressing up the vegetables! I am working hard to eat more veggies and they need to be inspiring!
  • I am the worlds worst cook. Maybe this will give me a better result. Thanks.
  • I am the worlds worst cook. Maybe this will give me a better result. Thanks.
  • Put this in my favorites and FB-liked it.
  • Thank you for this article!
  • I use honey mustard on my fish, pork chops, and chicken. It doesnt matter how I cook it the mustard seems to season it better. I can not have much sodium and alittle bit of the mustard seems to help.
    i needed this!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!! :D
  • My all-time favourite dried herb is orgeano. Great for roasted vegetables.
  • I find flavor is an important part of eating healthy - when I add flavorful ingredients, I enjoy the meal more, eat less (because it's more satisfying), drink more water, and don't feel deprived. One of my favorite enhancers is jalepeno pepper. I try not to add salt.
  • I recently started growing my own herbs. I love being able to go outside and pick leaves right off the plants. Can't get any fresher than that! I'm watching my sodium, so I stopped using salt when I cook. The herbs taste so much better.
  • I'm always scared to spice stuff up, don't want it to be too strong, but these are great, mostly mild suggestions. Thanks!
    Can't taste the herbs? I'll bet you're using dried ones, also maybe a little too old. Use fresh herbs-I guarantee you'll taste them. For even more herb taste, add them chopped fresh just before serving.
  • While these mostly look like great suggestions, a few of them leave me a little confused. These are supposed to be "adding taste, not calories", and yet butter (not even a *healthy* fat) is recommended for both beef and asparagus, and there are also a few glazes and jellies scattered throughout the list that are going to be high in sugar. That's going to add calories, not just taste. There's not even any mention of using these things in moderation to reduce the number of calories (and the amount of fat) added.

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