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Top 10 Strategies for Success

Use These Ideas to Meet Your Goals


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  • Thank you for the tips and the encouragement to keep going even when we don't accomplish our goals as fast as we would like to.
  • These are all great ideas!
  • Good advice here.
  • I needed this! I'm starting over for what seems like the millionth time! I'm ok with that but, these are some great tips to get me on my way!
    i have the same issue that even though i was controlling my scale was not buging so i started workout for 1.5 to 2 hours.. 10 days over still nothing on scale :( .... consistency plus motivation when scale gives nothing its really frustating :(
    Thank you for this! I definitely agree with the consistency one. Sometimes the scale doesn't budge and it can be really frustrating. I'm sticking with it and hoping to reach my goals.
    These '10 strategies for success' have given me inspiration when I was starting to berate myself and load on the guilt for over-indulging on Easter Sunday. I realize I can have success by overcoming failure. Writing things down will help me - my wife is always telling me to write things down, I usually don't follow good advice, but am committed to submit myself to the wisdom of others.
  • I have my own exercises I do not on the spark list, and I have added some from the list so I can track some of my fitness and know how many calories I may be burning... i love hula hoopin without a hula hoop it really works on that mid section. I have lower back pain and find things that actually strengthen it.
    This has so much helpful advice! I want to be able to read this often to remind me, and when I hit the stumbling blocks to encourage me to press on!
    This makes so much sense.
  • Wonderful article to start the year with.
  • Wonderful advice. COME ON EVERYONE!!!!!
    Just the fact that i am reading your very intresting
    and helpful posts says it all. Today is my very first day.....
    ......and my very first post ever. Because of you and your
    thoughtfulness.....taking the time
    to post your feelings for
    EVERYONE to draw strength from
    is so kind. Together we can do
    anything. Thank you all for
    being you.......for me.
    :)) smiley face
    does have a double chin.

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