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Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?


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  • 2GENSEE8
    i tend to agree that there is no positive results using these products...i have always been afraid to buy or use them-they are no miracle drugs and as with all drugs there can be serious side effects and health consequences.Also why is it if within these alluring eyecatching boxes is there containing a diet to follow along with the (fake) pills...because a balanced healthy diet daily along with exercise is the on e and only cure for being overweight or obese---
  • I must admit, I have been a sucker to buying these supplements. I only felt my head spin and no weight loss. I have friends who keep using them...I have even read articles in Muscle Fitness Hers that those models are taking them.(HydroxyCut) I am not a pill taker so I mostly forgot to take or can't swallow the pill..most are like horsepills! so if you have throw away just follow agood nutrition paln and EXERCISE!
    There are always some benefits from some of these things but none of them will keep weight off if you are eating wrong and not exercising.......
    Thee will always be a new there will always be desperate people....
    This was a very informative article. I've always been too scared to try and take any kind of supplements like this and this article showed that I have reason to be. There are now too many stories of people losing the weight through diet and exercise and that motivates me so much, especially when people over 40 are able to do so I don't see a sense in taking the pills or spending the money for them.
    This article was very informative an very true. My Aunt is a registered nurse and she has told me for years how bad these things are. Now in my older years I've come to the conclusion that she's been right all along. She always said to go on a low fat diet. Well, I've enhanced that somewhat. I'm disabled and don't get a whole lot of exercise but, I watch my fat,(saturated fat),calories and sodium. Granted I still have about 75 pounds to go but, I've kept over 80 pounds off for two years without gaining it back. No Pills! It can be done and not cost a thing but control and determination.
  • I liked this article...I have for many years taken supplements until one day I thought that I was having a heart attack...They are REALLY unsafe and I am glad that I learned about them before I ended up seriously ill...
    Wow, I did not know how harmful some of these things could be. After years of losing 10 to 20 pounds then gaining back 20 to 40, I was desperate and ordered Mrracle Burn. I have no ill effects that I know about; maybe because I forget to take the pills more often than I remember. After reading this article, I am throwing the pills away. Thank you.
  • BURKE6802
    I have to agree with the article....most supplements are only so much hype !!!! The best way to maintain proper weight control is to eat a well rounded nourishment menu....most importantly is to CONTROL FOOD PORTIONS...most americans eay too much food and lead sedintary lets cut back on foods ( only hurts for a little while) and get some reg. exersice......
    I really liked this article- SUZYQGLAD is right on the mark- those "cortisol reducers" can be very dangerous because they are so misleading and can prevent people with real illnesses from getting help.
  • Excellent article - I especially liked the listing of the real harmful ones. Thanks
    Thanks for this article, it is really easy to get caught up in the hype, especially when commercials show before and after photos of slim, while defined physiques. I'm tired of throwing my money away for these fads and gimmicks.
    Thanks for this article, it is really easy to get caught up in the hype, especially when commercials show before and after photos of slim, while defined physiques. I'm tired of throwing my money away for these fads and gimmicks.
  • Good information for anyone who feels tempted and desperate. I long ago came to the conclusion that chasing all these claims was a waste of time, money, and downright dangerous. So except for a multivitamin/mineral supplement, a balanced B-Complex, and the Cal/Mag/D recommended by my Dr., that's it -- just enough to make up for the imbalances and insufficient amounts in the food I eat. Why bother going to an M.D., paying for his/her services, and then turning around, second guessing, & lying to them when they ask you if you're taking anything else?
  • Weight loss is a money making business. My thought process is that I didn't pay anyone or take any pill to gain weight so I am certainly not going to pay someone or take harmful pills to lose my weight. A positive lifestyle change is forever...a pill is temporary, very costly, and often has harmful side effects.
  • It scares me to see products like Cortislim on the market. I have an endocrine disorder due to a pituitary brain tumor, which caused massive weight gain before diagnosed. I am on a lifetime regimen of Cortisol because my pituitary does not produce it. Had I ordered one of these products for weight loss rather than consult with my physician, there could have been disasterous consequences! The endocrine system requires a very fine-tuned balance of hormones that even specialists struggle to maintain in their patients. Stay away from those drugs!

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