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Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?


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  • The best article I've ever read about these so called nutritional supplements. I get so frustrated with over the top claims based on one (often spurious or flawed) research article.
  • I've always shied away from supplements. Glad to see that my natural instincts are supported here. KUDOS for posting such a revealing article that the food/supplement industry will try to dispute/won't be happy about!! Don't give in, Spark! Millions of people depend on your truthful advice.

  • HCG is a crock. It's supposedly watered down pregnancy hormone extracted from pregnant women's pee. You lose weight because you're on a 500 calorie fast. They should just call it what it is: a Very Low Calorie Diet.

    Pregnant women usually gain weight, not lose it. That's clue #1 that the diet is a sham.

    It was a big old whoopde do at my church and everyone was doing it and becoming an "independent distirbutor'. I don't know anyone who who's been on the diet that didn't end up going off of it because they were starving. Whatever weight they lost they gained back within a month.

    ANY diet will work if you stick to it, but if you don't have a plan for KEEPING the weight off, you'll just tear your body up with fad yo-yo dieting. If you are going to fast or go on a VLCD, there are healthy ways to do it.
  • Great article. Everyone should read this. You should write blogs about each of these things to reach a broader audience. Excellent!
  • If diet pills really help you, you may be hyperactive. They contain a stimulant, which can help hyperactive people focus. You should check with your doctor to see if you should actually be on medication for your disorder.
    If you're having problems with chocolate, try eating chocolate only once a day, at the same exact time--either in the morning or the afternoon. They contain caffeine, the same thing as in coffee. So the cravings you get for your chocolate could be more than about something sweet, and a specific taste. Just once a day, and your cravings should go down!
  • I LOVE my diet pills and caffiene. I could never reach my goals without them. I NEED an appetite suppressant and stimulant to help my cravings. The key is to choose wisely though. Diet pills are NOT for everybody... But theybsure are for me.
  • I've never heard of Unjury, what is it? skitty
  • What about Unjury???????? Is it good for you if you only drink it once or twice a day?
  • To DeniseK42 - I've found sugar free chocolates (at the bulk food store) that are just 25 calories for 4. If you let them melt in your mouth slowly they really satisfy that sweet craving.
  • Two years ago, when I joined the Spark People site, I was very decisive about loosing weight. So to help my decision, I decided to take the Hoodia supplement. To my amazement, it did help, and I do beleive it had the real cactus component, because I immediately felt a suppression in my appetite. I lost during that time about 20 lbs. I did try to use Hoodia again, a year later, but it was not the same, i felt nothing except my heart racing, and an increased anxiety. I returned the pill, because obviously they were filled with caffeine, and they sucked. They were from Dessert Burn. But now, two years later, guess what? I gained all the pounds back, and then some, two years later. My schedule was thrown out of wack, I went through a move, and my emotions are as we speak taking the best of me. So what do I do? Eat. It gives me great confort. To lose weight I know that I have to work very hard, to exercise, which i totally don't do anymore, and to watch not necesarrily what I eat, but especially how much I eat. And for me the word DIET just doesn't work anylonger. I hate it with a vengeance. Because I've been on diets on and off my whole life, they worked while they lasted, but they ended at some point, and then the old bad habbits crept back in, and I gained the pounds back unvoidably. Now I want to change something bigger than just going on a diet: I want to change my life style!!!! I don't know how will I accomplish this goal, but I know that just sitting around and talking about it won't do the trick.
  • One diet that is currently becoming a craze, but wasn't covered is the HcG diet. It can be taken in the form of injections, drops under the tongue, or pills (though the pills are less common). The HcG is used in combination with an extremely strict diet of 500 calories per day. The theory is that HcG (also known as the pregnancy hormone) allows the fat cells to open and your body uses the stored fat on top of the 500 calories. I have known several people who have done this diet and lost a significant amount of weight and even though their calorie count is low, they don't ever feel hungry, light headed or weak. I know the diet works because I've seen it. And the 500 calories are very specific so you get the right amount of nutrients in a day; however, it seems a little extreme and scares me a bit. I wonder what this article would have said about this diet?
  • I met an 18 year old man in my dad's hospital room when I was 17. He was there because the diet pills he had taken had made him so ill. These are dangerous, they are often fake, and they are not regulated severely enough. It is time we expend some effort getting rid of quack drugs. Losing weight takes WORK. Most people don't want to work. They want magic. Sorry, magic is make believe, and in this case can kill you.
    I agree with Macklady. You have to WALK. I do daily, but I have a bad sweet tooth!!! I have to have my chocolate!!! Any suggestions to stop the craving?!?!?
  • I agree with this article, too. But I think some [eople need a "crutch" to get started and if they can choose a method that makes them feel more powerful with their dieting.. then I understand. When you have a lot of weight to lose it is so intimidating.
    Thank goodness for SP-- it's all there for people who uitlize it. Thank you SP!!
    If you don't change your lifestyle, then you'll need the pills to maintain your weight loss...may be a nice boost to get you goin', but the bottom line is: "if all you do is all you've done, then all you get is all you got."

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