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One Day At a Time - Part 3 *

Donna Struggles to Stay on Track


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Congratulations!!!! Determination and hard work will win! Report
Thank you for sharing. Don't ever give up! You are an inspiration! Keep forging ahead. You can do it! I can do it! We all can do it together! Report
Please insist. I were here since last Sep. No any pound I lost. But I have a good habit such as eating healthier and slwer than before, walking as well as I can, read more and more article here and learn more knowledge, keep taking exercise in mind so that I plan my time efficient etc. These are all good for me so that I won't give up. When I read your sharings, I found that you got many too. So please stay with us. Report
Thank you for sharing your experience, you are truly motivational. Enjoy your kids! Report
Thank you Donna for making this feel real and do-able! You ARE an inspiration. Report
I think you are inside my head.....what a great article! Report
This part really struck a chord with me. It is exactly what I am going through right now. Well, not the surgery part, but I got back from an amazing vacation and coming home and dealing with a whole set of stresses blew my focus and motivation right out the window.
I am definitely going to read this through again... Report
Donna's journals puts everything into perspective. Such an eye-opener. Thanks so much for sharing this article. Report
Reading this after having a discouraging week myself has helped to put things back in perspective. Thanks for sharing Report
I read this after having overindulged on Mexican food. I was really beating myself up, then saw that Donna did enough of that for both of us! I will just go forward and do better next time.
Thanks, Donna! Report
donnas journal gives me hope. i gained some of my weight back at my half way mark. and wanted to give up. but i can't i want those size 20 jeans to fit. thanks donna i'm going back on track. shirley aka sam5050 Report
Reading Donna's journal was very encouraging for me. Just when I am wondering if it will be worth read the ups and downs, I know that the next day will be better and better, and to not take the long path...

A friend asked me once..."how many times are you going to walk around that same mountain?" I am ready to go over and get past this mountain, thanks for the words of honesty and encouragement! Report
I found that it is possible to eat Tex-Mex without going over your calories. It isn't easy though.

First off, don't eat the complimentary tortilla chips. If you want some salsa ask for corn tortillas and have some salsa with these instead of chips. Don't eat too many corn tortillas! Even before they are fried they have enough calories to really add up.

Order wisely. My standby is Spinach enchioadas verde with no cheese. They are tasty without being too calorific. Some restaurants have enchiladas with steamed vegetables which are also good.

If you are really careful with your entre you might even have calories left over for flan or a sopaipilla or two. Report
This journal is going on my favorites. Just reading it made me want to get up and run! Report
Awesome story, very motivating....I wonder if she got to her goal weight by now and how long it took her? Report

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