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Snacking Healthy

Add Snacks to Subtract Pounds


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  • I divide breakfast and lunch into "snacks" I get up very early (4 a.m.) and eat breakfast per se with hubby between 7-9 (work day/weekend). So breakfast is fruit or yogurt. "snack" more traditional breakfast - one egg one piece of toast. Lunch soup or salad with nuts. snack: cheese OR a Slimfast high protein shake...Dinner pretty "normal" - herb tea after that until bed. - 12/28/2016 10:07:29 AM
  • Snacking can be great for some people but i think if you really want to lose weight and get in tip top health then its very much about HOW you eat as well. Once i started taking the # 1 magnesium and taking the advice from dr. dean then i no longer needed to snack.
    check it out! this is VERY interesting - 12/1/2016 5:04:21 PM
  • I have to eat a snack before my daily walk. Usually 1/3 cup of cottage cheese with some sliced peaches.If I don't then I will snack on junk. - 11/19/2016 4:10:32 AM
  • I have always been a snacker... ok a grazer. I could graze all day and still eat a huge lunch & dinner. That is why I got fat. When I started actually losing weight I planned my meals: I get 4 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack. It is all planned and fits in my calorie goal for the day (1,500-1,800). My usual sweet snack is a small apple (55 calories), my salty snack is a 1 oz bag of mixed nuts (150 calories). Usually I get 2 apples a day, and 4 or 5 bags of nuts a week. If I do not snack I will overeat at meals, or binge. Find what works for you, and you will have better success. The 8 glasses of water help curb hunger as well. - 11/17/2016 4:02:22 AM
  • My afternoon snack had become, for years, a grazing habit. No matter if I planned a healthy snack, it became a graze. It felt helpless. Finally I attacked it as the one thing I would focus on - no snack, or a healthy one if truly hungry. I made a chart of 42 days and checked off the days of no snack, and wrote in what I ate when I had a snack. After 14 days I felt I could eat something without it leading to a graze, and I did. After that, whenever I felt really hungry, I ate something, had a glass of water and quit. I am on day 40 and have not had a single graze! Now I don't even feel the pull to the kitchen and if I do get hungry, I get something to eat, have my water and that's that. It takes me at least 5 or 6 weeks to really break a habit. Now I truly feel as if I can have my snack without getting drawn into a graze and I'm not obsessing about food all the time. - 7/26/2016 9:42:41 AM
  • Take only one serving and leave the container behind, preferably 'way behind. It is VERY easy to keep eating, especially when it's a salty snack with crunch.

    Also, depression eating is a thing; it's a subset of emotional eating. Snacking fits right there.

    I think the advice to turn snacks into "mini-meals" and eat less at the "Big Three" is metabolically and nutritionally sound. Before we settled into farming communities (and for a long time after) there was no set schedule for meals; that's comparatively new. The body has not yet evolved for three-squares-a-day; that's a cultural thing, not a natural way to eat. Granted our society doesn't leave much leeway there, but it can be done. - 6/27/2016 9:17:16 AM
  • I only snack if I feel super hungry which isn't very often. Then I try a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts, a banana or a yogurt to take the edge off until mealtime. My low metabolism keeps me going. - 4/15/2016 9:19:14 AM
  • Had some string cheese before my workout today, only because I felt hungry. I am trying to only eat when I'm actually hungry. - 2/10/2016 12:07:05 PM
  • I have found that snacking does not support my body. Three meals a day with no snacking between meals or following dinner leaves me feeling at my best. - 12/4/2015 11:15:41 PM
  • various meal replacement shakes have helped with feeling full and satisfied. I add soluble fiber to one each morning, and I'm not hungry. When I was trying to go without from breakfast to dinner, I found myself really overeating in the evening, so I'm a true believer in spacing meals or snacks throughout the day. - 12/4/2015 12:03:01 PM
    Good information. I stopped buying natural peanut butter because I spend too much time "Grazing" on it. - 9/6/2015 10:11:44 AM
    Snacks are always an issue for me. I have a hard time finding snacks that incorporate protein and veggies. Does anyone have suggestions besides hummus and carrots (allergies)? Thanks!! - 8/20/2015 3:06:37 PM
  • thanks for the tips. :-)
    - 4/7/2015 9:50:28 PM
  • Thank you for this useful info. I know my snacks tend to match or exceed a meal allotment. Being mindful and committed help to curb this pitfall. - 7/30/2014 9:34:24 AM
  • Good article. Thanks. - 2/28/2014 4:27:16 AM

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