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Too Much Work Can Pack On the Pounds

Overtime May Add More to Your Waistline than Your Wallet


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  • Planning food to take to work is a big help, because food around most work places will NOT be healthy. This is one of the main reasons for weight gain from work. Check into SP every single day.
    This is sooooo true! I am a creative director and my dept. is deadline driven. I frequently have to miss gym classes and when I finally get out of the office, I am not motivated to go and work out on my own. I have gained 10 lbs in the last year. I am angry and frustrated.
  • This sounds so much like me. There are a few professions out there that are more like lifestyles than jobs. I am a teacher, and it consumes most of my life. Plus, I live an hour away from any large shopping centers so buying anything I need becomes a gigantic ordeal. I teach Drama and obtaining props and supplies requires luck, family members' help, ordering things online months in advance, and many weekends spent looking for stuff.

    The fortunate thing (for my stress level at least) is that I have no children and my husband is very helpful and understanding.

    Making myself check into Sparkpeople everyday really helps me track how my emotions and stress level influence my eating. I am happy to say that since I began teaching a year 1/2 ago, I have actually lost close to 10 pounds.
    This is a great (and accurate) read for those who are needing to understand what a balanced life is. Take it from a 53 year old grandmother/real estate broker who learned this late in my career ~ make sure you take time to enjoy your life, your children and your career. It's how God created it to be AND the weight will not be as big of a problem.

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