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Sharing Is Achieving

To Succeed, Tell Others About Your Goals


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  • I often hear, "You don't need to loose weight because you are tall and it doesn't show." Of course they are trying to be kind, but if I listen it can enable my overeating. Besides, my heart doesn't care if I am tall 6'3", my heart just knows there's 40 pounds or excess fat (down to 20 pounds fat now!)
    Buddies are the best.
    I have two workout buddies, what a tremendous addition to my program.
    My support system is nonexistant. I have learned to "walk away" from their "concern". SP is my salvation and motivation.
  • Will make every effort this week coming to get a buddy!
  • How can some people NOT support those who are trying to better themselves....I find that those who do not support have way more issues than they care to admit. Whether is is losing weight, gaining weight, refraining from smoking or drinking...everyone should support!!
  • Such great reminders about who you let in to your "circle of trust". I have people close to me who are not positive, very needy, insecure, and emotionally draining where my own goals are concerned. Thanks for the reminder that I need to just tune them out and try to distance myself.
  • My 18-month-old granddaughter doesn't know it, but she's my exercise buddy. When she visits, we walk to the park, or to the library instead of driving. We get down on the floor and play with her puzzles. She "helps" get the garden ready for the garden. And while we're having fun, I'm getting healthier.
  • Whomever finds this post..I need your help..

    Please come find me..
  • I'm lucky to have a sister-in-law that also wants to change to living a healthier lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. She is even more vertically challenged than I am and has had 3 lovely children who were no lightweights! She is a major help to me and helps to keep me on track. I don't think of her as an SIL but rather a sister who is strong enough to call me out when need be and it is reciprocal. Moving away from that is what made me join SP so that I have more support when I'm needing it.
  • Spark Friends and Teams are such an important part of success.

    One important factor, however, is to hook up with people who are winners . . .
    don't look for someone to commiserate with your failures or lack of motivation.

    Hitch your wagon to a Sparker and journey on to success!
    I feel it's best to work on losing weight and not bore everyone with the details, thank you. My husband just hopes I eat enough so I don't get that old "fishwife", cranky mood that he dislikes. Truth, people. Others don't want to know.

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