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Sharing Is Achieving

To Succeed, Tell Others About Your Goals


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  • Good advice in the article. It's hard to find the right buddy, within my existing friends because my friends are supportive, regardless of what I do. So, if I decide to skip a workout, or go off track food wise, they will support me. :-) Great friends, but not great accountability work out buddies. In a workout buddy I want someone who will challenge me when I skip out. Actually, its hard for me to make my friends accountable sometimes because I don't want to create a long term riff in our friendship.

    However, I will find the right person(s). I know it.
  • Strength in numbers
  • I used to try to work out or even walk with friends or my sister. I found that if they bailed on me I would just skip it. I work better by scheduling my fitness with different activities and just going. I have gotten to know new people that way too!
  • Having an exercise buddy is great but I find for me I become embrassed if they can do more or better than me and then I get down on myself. I like going to the gym by myself. My husband keeps an eye on my blood sugar and how long I work out and that has been working for me. Some days I do great and other days not as good. But life is about ups and downs. We can't always be on 100%.
  • buddies are golden
  • I'm glad I moved from someone who tried to say I was anorexic because I wouldn't eat as much as them and moved more than them. And tracking everything at the time.
  • I often hear, "You don't need to loose weight because you are tall and it doesn't show." Of course they are trying to be kind, but if I listen it can enable my overeating. Besides, my heart doesn't care if I am tall 6'3", my heart just knows there's 40 pounds or excess fat (down to 20 pounds fat now!)
    Buddies are the best.
    I have two workout buddies, what a tremendous addition to my program.
    My support system is nonexistant. I have learned to "walk away" from their "concern". SP is my salvation and motivation.
  • Will make every effort this week coming to get a buddy!
  • How can some people NOT support those who are trying to better themselves....I find that those who do not support have way more issues than they care to admit. Whether is is losing weight, gaining weight, refraining from smoking or drinking...everyone should support!!

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