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The Mix 'N Match Workout

The No-Brainer Way to Add Variety to Your Program


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  • 30 minutes of exercise daily (7 days a week) helps me maintain but doesn't give me a loss in weight. I have to have some heavy-duty exercise days when I am getting a couple of hours of something strenuous in to actually lose weight. Aiming for 10,000 steps per day at least 5 days a week.
  • MSDesertRodent, What do you think you should do to feel it more? Add more weight or work harder? You might have a higher tolerance for exercise so you may need to amp something up, but get advice before you do anything about it, in my opinion.
  • I am just starting on my workout journey and am only working out for 30 minutes 5 days a week along with my strength workouts, but I think that I will definitely amp that up to meet these guide lines in the long run, but right now I am just not to that point yet!
  • Delighted to have found this! I've known for some time that I should vary my routines more than I do and although I've made some efforts in that direction I'm too lazy to do it properly. You've done all the hard work for me! Thanks Nicole and wonderful Sparkpeople!
  • And again, just what I needed today! Perfect :-)
    Thanks SP!
  • This is great! I'm hanging this up in my workout room and starting on it this week.
  • Nice to have this handy! Thanks
    I go to the gym several times a week & take classes: step aerobics, zumba, pilates, yoga, nia, depending my my schedule but I try to get at least 4 a week. The step and zumba classes have a strength component built in. I do 6-10 SP strength videos each week. I walk 4 miles several days a week. When I do it all I feel so much better.
  • CLEE47
    Great tool! I too printed this article. My partner and I walk three miles everyday with a set of weights in hand; I was telling her this morning that I needed to increase my weights since they were not challenging anymore. I also wanted to add strength training but did not know where to start. I printed exercises, put them in document protectors and and place in a binder for everday use. Thanks again SP. //Cynthia//
    What would be wonderful is to add a full body workout to the Nordic Walking. It provides a different leg and arm movement than the exercises listed plus engages the core, provides balance and stability to those with balance issues.
  • I always have the issue that I barely feel as if I'm barely working the muscles I'm targeting!!!
  • BROCK75
    how often should i do these exercises - every other day, daily, 3 times a week?
  • I've had trainers over the years use similar workout variations. They are good and alleviate boredom. Mixed it up with running on the tread mill or elliptical for three minutes between each set, can really add challenge to the set.
  • Only one fault I can find with this. . .
    They should put the exercises in order you should do them. I.e larger muscle groups should be first.
  • Good tool !!, thank you :)

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