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The Mix 'N Match Workout

The No-Brainer Way to Add Variety to Your Program


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  • thanks this is great i am going to print off the exercises so i will have them
    when i work out
  • I think this is great. I've known that I needed to change things up a bit, so this will send me in the right direction. Thanks!
  • CORA12
    I think this is a good idea because sometime we do get tired of doing the same thing. I walk more than any thing. And the children keep me busy running behind them.
  • this is just what I needed!
    I think this article is right on! A girlfriend of mine and I have started walking/jogging a couple of evenings a week (just to shake things up a bit) and I noticed real change already. I sent her this article so we can incorporate more into our workouts. I am also changing my strength training routines as well. - Thanks, Wanda
  • Great ideas, especially for those of us that are new at this
  • Great! Thanks so much!
  • these suggestions are GREAT! this is the 3rd article in the last few weeks that have REALLY helped me modify my workout!

    i am a creature of habit, last week, i began doing part of the "bikini diet" workout and i loved the variety it added to my workout (along with 30-45 minutes of cardio)...

    i'm going to add some of these exercises this week! it's great to have a variety to chose from while on the road, when you don't have a great workout facility you feel like your options are pretty limited! these exercises REALLY help a lot!
  • VERY useful!! I printed this, will keep it by my weights!
    I've been doing this about once a week. I either add something or leave something out. One thing i wont leave out is my treadmill though and for that, i adjust how long i run and how long i walk weekly. I add 30 seconds each week. As well as i've started adding an incline to my work out. I'm not bored at all with it.
  • I find that when I take some time off from my Tae Bo tapes and do other exercises, it is a great challenge to start the Tae Bo again. Now I know that is a good thing!!!! I like seeing the results of my challenges!!!
  • Since they mention it, it seems that I myself have plateaued from a lack of mixing it up. I've been 1 muscle group a day for too long, time to switch it up.
  • I have found these tips on excersise to be very helpfull in teaching me the correct way of doing them

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