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The Mix 'N Match Workout

The No-Brainer Way to Add Variety to Your Program


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  • Wow, this is a good article, gives ideas on workouts, especially for me who sometimes clueless to choose different workouts that's good for me.
  • thank you for this article, being new to exercising I'm sure I'll find this very helpful.
  • JENN240308
    I love this!! I will be using this workout plan and I have already added some of the exercises I do to it so I can still do what works, but have some variety.
  • This looks like a great article. I have trouble trying to figure out which exercise to do next, so this will definitely help me.
  • I love this idea! I am always looking to change up my workouts but don't really know enough about which exercises work what muscles, so I'm afraid of doing unbalanced workouts. This gives me a great template to work from.
  • This is a great idea. I never thought of it. I've saved it as a favorite.
    This is a great article. When I strength train, I always switch up my exercises to avoid my muscles getting use to the same exercises. However, the mix 'n match workout chart is a wonderful idea. This takes some of the guess work out of figuring out a new routine.
  • This is a good idea and is something I just started thinking about during this morning's workout. This will help. Also, Rowan has a great idea, I never thought about the library and checking out discount stores. I'll be making plans to go to Ollies later this week and see what they have! Great ideas people thanks so much for sharing!
  • Great idea Nicole! Will try this soon to mix things up! Thanks!
  • This was a good article I am at a plateau and I am trying new workouts but get bored very easily. So let's hope this works.
  • This is a great article....just what I needed to revive my workout routine! Thanks!
  • This was very helpful. Thanks for the information. I will incorporate this into my routine.
    personally I work a 4 day split routine for around 8 weeks then I swap to a 5 day split routine for another 8 weeks...once that is finished I go back to a 4 day routine...
    generally I swap up the exercises I do on each cycle...I add in new excercises etc
    this way it never gets dull and about the time my muscles are starting to get use
    to my routine I swap it up
  • This is exactly what i needed. Sometimes i don't like one of the excersises SP suggests for my streagth training, and i i end up spending ages trawling through the excersises trying to find another one that excersises the same muscle groups. Now i can have a bit of variety and know that i'm excersisng all the major muscle groups. thanks!
  • LADYBUG4772
    Mixing it up is a great idea. Your muscles are smart and they get use to doing the same thing and then you stop gaining. I relayed that message to my husband this morning during our work-out hour.

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