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The Mix 'N Match Workout

The No-Brainer Way to Add Variety to Your Program


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  • This was a good article I am at a plateau and I am trying new workouts but get bored very easily. So let's hope this works.
  • This is a great article....just what I needed to revive my workout routine! Thanks!
  • This was very helpful. Thanks for the information. I will incorporate this into my routine.
    personally I work a 4 day split routine for around 8 weeks then I swap to a 5 day split routine for another 8 weeks...once that is finished I go back to a 4 day routine...
    generally I swap up the exercises I do on each cycle...I add in new excercises etc
    this way it never gets dull and about the time my muscles are starting to get use
    to my routine I swap it up
  • This is exactly what i needed. Sometimes i don't like one of the excersises SP suggests for my streagth training, and i i end up spending ages trawling through the excersises trying to find another one that excersises the same muscle groups. Now i can have a bit of variety and know that i'm excersisng all the major muscle groups. thanks!
  • LADYBUG4772
    Mixing it up is a great idea. Your muscles are smart and they get use to doing the same thing and then you stop gaining. I relayed that message to my husband this morning during our work-out hour.
  • Awesome idea .. and if you can't do these exercises (or some of them) take some time and go to the Healthy Lifestyle (button) to the Fitness page .. there are exercise for Lower, Upper and Core. You should be able to find an appropriate sub there.
  • This reminds me of one of the workouts my husband does with the Navy, it's called Fit Deck. It is a deck of cards with different exercises on each card, you turn one over and do that, it's fun, I got to work out with them once. We stood in a circle, everyone had 8 cards each no one could look at their cards to prevent change-ups, each of us took a turn with a card and leading that exercise, WOW what a workout! I've been asking my husband when can we do that again!
  • Mixing it up is key. Since my employment situation makes it impossible to have a gym membership, I rely on my library of fitness videos. I have a variety to choose from (Firm, FitPrime, Leslie Sansone, Denise Austin, Get Ripped, and more). I try to mix them up constantly so I'm always getting a different workout and it has made a difference in my results. Plus - I do not get burnt out and bored by doing the same routine. Mixing it up is good for both the body AND the mind! (plus, I comb discount places like Ross and Marshalls for fitness DVDs - I have found many high end workouts that would have cost $15 to $20 at a regular store for $3 to $5. Just an extra tip to those on a tight budget that prefer home fitness!)
  • This is really going to help. I have the same strength DVD I do a couple of times each week. I like this. I might even do two from each list each time I strength. Yay!
  • some of us cannot do some of the exercises. I have a knee replacement, can't do squats, can't kneel so.....
  • the mix n match workouts are really awesome and being a trainer i love going throu all the exercises that are shown in sparkpeople.. cheers and keep the good work going
  • I have been doing the same routine that the personal trainer introduced me to since September 4. I have increase the amount of the weights twice. I plan to keep the routine going gor 90 days. I notice that I am not able to get my heart rate up to 130 any more as in the beginning. I am only able to reach 120-125. I realize my body is getting use to the routine and a change is needed soon.
    As a personal trainer specializing in functional fitness I like the idea of the chart very much. It allows my clients to design their own workouts within practical parameters, thereby giving them a participatory role in the creation of their program. When we participate in exercise on that level we take 'ownership' of the workout - which usually leads to more commitment. Nice job!
  • thanks this is great i am going to print off the exercises so i will have them
    when i work out

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