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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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  • Different methods motivate different people. I find going to the gym harder on my ego, schedule & budget. Working out at home, I'll do! I scrounged stuff. soI don't think I have more than $75 in the whole collection.

    I have a set of resistance bands (a buck a piece from a thrift store), 2, 3, 5, & 8 lb handweights (2nd hand cheap), weighted balls & a stability ball (sale at Ross' Dress for Less), jump rope (thrift store)& a $25 Craigslist NordicTrack skier. My "mat" is interlocking foam tiles from Costco. Found a bunch of great exercise videos on...cough...VHS for .33 at a thrift store.

    Had a treadmill before & loved & used it, but had to downsize for a move. Started gaining when I didn't have walking so handy. I'm planning on adding a future treadmill that I'll be able to afford thanks to no gym fees. I need cheap, close & easy.

    Not true! This will only work for 10% of the population. What happens to home gyms is that all of the equipment becomes large hangers. Another place to put clothes!
    Motivation comes when you go out and do it. It's too easy to say I'll do it tomorrow when you're not paying a fee. Money talks, equipment at home rusts.
  • You can always purchase a bike trainer for the bike you already have, rather than purchasing a stationary bike. The cost will be less, the trainer folds up rather small when not in use, and you will get more use from the bike you already own. I have been using the same bike trainer for more than 22 years!
  • I have all the basic equipment plus an eliptical. It makes it so easy to come home and hit the "gym" right away in your own zone versus being in a crowded gym.
    I have the metal and the ball. I need some bands!
  • Due to the fact that I'm unemployed and can't find work, this hasn't stopped my efforts to lose weight. I've successfully lost 84 lbs. with my home "gym". I have gone to thrift stores and have found used work out videos,weights, and a universal gym. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make healthy changes in your life. Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.
  • I was thinking about this the other day....this is how I did all of my exercise for FREE and with SUCCESS. There is no excuse not to be fit when everything is there for you to use at your own convenience. Speaking of which...the dungeon is calling me for some cardio!!
  • Using most of the mentioned equipment has really caused me to progress. WooHoo!
    I also have most of the basic equipment listed and I recently put them to good use! I love being able to work out in my own home without costly gym fees or having to feel embarrassed at the gym with bean poles and big burly body builders walking around. :-)
  • I have everthing that is mentioned. I bought a pre built shed, insulated it, added a window, heat and air and put in a gym. I love it.
    I appreciate that all of the "basic" equipment discussed in this article was practical for small spaces. Until I'm in a larger location, I am limited in the type of equipment that will fit in my home. Between the SP workouts and fitness tracking options, I have the ability to complete a strength home workout using the basics.
    I have most of the basic equipment mentioned in the article, as well as several medicine balls, kettlebells and a barbell. Because my living room doubles as a workout area, I hide most of this stuff under couches or chairs, and store the bigger pieces in a corner. As others have mentioned, you can get an incredible workout at home very inexpensively. I have sworn off big cardio machines, though. I used to own a spinning bike, which I used and enjoyed for over a year, then slowly grew to dislike.
  • ROBBIE110
    Sadly, in the past some of these things have headed to the Goodwill bin... wish I had them now.
  • We found a great resistance/gravity type of machine from Weider called Total Body Works 5000. It's similar to the Total Gym I've seen advertised, but at a fraction of the cost. Easy to set up and store, and so many ways to use it. Order from the company and the shipping is free. We got ours last Spring of 2009 at $150.00. If you're looking for this type of thing, I recommend it!
  • The hardest problem once you have the home gym is actually using it. We have the equipment we like, but there are just days when I can't seem to make myself do anything.

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