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Get Results with Interval Training

Add Fun and Variety to Your Workouts


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  • I did these when running xc, but it's so hard for me to want to do them! I've got that hour in my day where I want to run, and interval training is not going to be what I choose. When I run, my mind and body want distances.
  • I do spin (cycle) classes, and it seems like it is interval training. There is fast pedaling, then slow down, over and over. We add higher tension for climbs, then lower it. It has been very effective for me- I have lost over 45 pounds in the last year, and I think regular spin classes have helped the most. I wonder if these classes would be considered "interval training?"
    Oh yeah. I remember doing HIIT on the treadmill. I hated it with a passion, but I loved the results. Alas, these knees won't allow anything more intense than a 3.5/hr pace.
    I definitely remember doing these when I ran track and cross-country. Our coach was also a big fan of fartleks (another type of interval training which i remember primarily because of the name). They can definitely turn a long boring workout into a much more fun and entertaining one. And they work! Speed/interval training one of the best ways to improve your overall race pace. It gets you used to running faster and for longer periods of time. And it's great that you can incorporate them into just about any exercise workout. Like my track coach's advice for running: "run faster and turn left." Good luck, everyone!
  • these intervals seem like a wonderful way to spruce things up... I am determined to stay with it this time but to be putting my cardio off until 10:00 at night is a bummer! Maybe this will make things more fun so I WANT to do it!
  • I hike to the top of a mountain five days per week. Last week I started running up the mountain until I can't...My legs and arms burn when I do this. Thank you for explaining what that burn is;anaerobic workout.
    I've tried many different methods to get in shape/better cardiovascular condition--and this by far works the best for me and my body type. What I like too is that you can do this method with any exercise combo--machines, walking, running, swimming, or an exercise video--focusing on "easy pace" followed by "kicking up the intensity" during the video.
    It's a great way to break the boredom of ANY exercise AND reap more benefits.
    Since I just started riding the recumbant bike everyday, I ride for 30 minutes to an hour at a time (depending on what's on TV!). I breakup the ride several times (every 10 minues)with short bursts of top speed for 15 seconds. I ride at a fatburn/ aroebic level (10-12 MPH) according to my bike. I take it up to the highest level for the bursts. I usually start at 3 resistance with the last 5 minutes at a higher resistance. I know I'm pushing it right now, but I set this as my daily goal for right now.
  • Very interesting. Instead of feeling like I have to jog the entire distance (which seems impossible) I'll just do interval jogging and walk the rest until I can jog the entire distance. Thanks.
    I have done intervals before on the treadmill and it does make a difference.
  • This article was very insightful. I will try doing interval the next time I go to the gym.
  • I love this idea because I get very tired when I walk my 19min mile~ I will start slowing down throughout this walk! Thanks, Spark!!!
  • Because of my back, I can't use a reg stationary bike, so I use a recumbent bike at the gym..A couple weeks ago, I started the interval training..I do a min as fast as I possibly can, then 5 of reg speed..The first time I tried it, I did it, I didn't think I'd make it through the workout, but I did..felt exhausted, but at same time, felt great..Have noticed that each time I do it, it's getting more into my routine..I find it hard NOT to do it, rather than just do a reg ride on the bike.. I didn't realize I was actually getting alittle bored, until I tried this.. I'm glad the aritcle came when it did..

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