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Get Results with Interval Training

Add Fun and Variety to Your Workouts


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  • ELYSE2012
    I was introduced to intervals in my spinning classes. To be defined as interval the spurts have to be short. So during one 4 minute song, the instructor made us spin extra quick 20 sec, followed by a slow 10 sec X 8.
    I started using that type of training with running. Ir does help pass the time, when I don't have time for a long run, I warm up 5-10 minutes, then my 4 minutes of intervals and then another 5 minutes of running and cool down. I could be back in about 20 min and I still noticed an improvement in my endurance.
    But what really surprised me was that after the interval, for the rest of the run even the long ones, I was less tired than before the interval training.
    Some days, when I am really tired, my fast pace is not as fast but it changes my rhythm and feels like I worked out harder.
    Definitely worth a try!
  • I think I need this. Running 30 minutes was once a goal, but now I need this to shake things up a little. Thanks for the article.
  • This article was helpful to me. I didn't know why intervals were good, and I have never tried interval training when not at the gym on the machines.
  • Doing the intervals gives you something else to think about and makes the time fly by!
  • Feeling a burning sensation in muscles is a sign that you have done something wrong! If you have warmed up, then exercised your muscles should only feel "warmed" - if you feel a "tingle" then the build up of lactic acid in the muscle is increased because you haven't warmed them up enough, having a "burning" sensation is when the muscles go into shock! (ie you jump into freezing water... I think there should be a little better description on what your muscles should feel like - as people feeling the "burn" are usually intense work outs - and the "feel the burn" is merely a description of the workout - not what they are actually feeling! You should feel really warmed to know you are working out correctly!
    What is the difference between "use" and utilize? It is a fitness article not a a scrabble game so no extra points for extra letters!
  • I used to walk outside by myself and or used the treadmill (not one with a programme). I then started using the bike we got some time ago with an interval trainer built in (not a great one) But it seems to do the trick and thats all that matters to me.
  • I just listened to a podcast about this and the results that interval training can have. I am giving it a try.
  • Intervals are SUPER FUN, and are practically the only way that I exercise. I sometimes do endurance training.

    But I love this!
    great info and a novel way to keep it interesting and not boring while out there chugging along.
    Intervals: No fun if you're pushing through them, but very effective. Therefore, why not interval?
  • I did these when running xc, but it's so hard for me to want to do them! I've got that hour in my day where I want to run, and interval training is not going to be what I choose. When I run, my mind and body want distances.
  • I do spin (cycle) classes, and it seems like it is interval training. There is fast pedaling, then slow down, over and over. We add higher tension for climbs, then lower it. It has been very effective for me- I have lost over 45 pounds in the last year, and I think regular spin classes have helped the most. I wonder if these classes would be considered "interval training?"
    Oh yeah. I remember doing HIIT on the treadmill. I hated it with a passion, but I loved the results. Alas, these knees won't allow anything more intense than a 3.5/hr pace.
    I definitely remember doing these when I ran track and cross-country. Our coach was also a big fan of fartleks (another type of interval training which i remember primarily because of the name). They can definitely turn a long boring workout into a much more fun and entertaining one. And they work! Speed/interval training one of the best ways to improve your overall race pace. It gets you used to running faster and for longer periods of time. And it's great that you can incorporate them into just about any exercise workout. Like my track coach's advice for running: "run faster and turn left." Good luck, everyone!

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