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Get Results with Interval Training

Add Fun and Variety to Your Workouts


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  • Do this on treadmill with speed and incline.
  • LUANNE613
    Excellent article! I've been doing a slower start to building up, high intensity and then lowering down and a cool a mountain. I think I will try 'hills' for a while! Thank you!
  • Interval training is super effective!
  • I'm writing this in April of 2017 and this article is a dozen years old. The article has been treated well by the passage of time. Recent studies show that high-intensity intervals of shorter total duration make your workout far more effective than conventional workouts lasting much longer. I love it, because I hate exercise and it gives me the benefit of shorter times spent doing it without sacrificing effectiveness.
    Thanks for sharing
  • I will try walking slow, then fast, then slow, then fast and finish walking slow.
  • I absolutely LOVE interval training! It gets my heart pumping, my muscles toned, and the workouts just seem to fly by! Great article, thank you!
    I just turned 70, and am in good health and would like to keep it up. Is HIIT safe for this
  • Wow, without realizing it (and knowing I needed to do something) I added jogging into my daily walks to raise my heart rate. Gee, am I finally realizing I want to exercise, rather than I have to exercise.
    Good info that I can begin to incorporate immediately
  • At my aerobics class the instructor sometimes does what she calls interval. We do warm up, cardio for 10 minutes then pick up our weights and do 4-5 different strength exercises without restine, then back to 10 minutes of cardio, second set of strength, back to 10 minutes cardio, third set of stength, then cool down and stretch. The class lasts 60 minutes. Always feel like I've gotten a good workout.
  • Martial art and other self defense practice are natural forms of interval training, because the rule of specificity makes high intensity the right way to do it. Once you learn basic technique, like blocking, striking with the hands and feet, changing position, and so on, the exercise can be done about anywhere, and takes no special equipment.

    These movements tend to involve the entire body, and concentrate on the midsection (if they're done right). Also if they are done right they are good meditation, since focus is on relaxation and concentration. And since you are also increasing your ability to defend yourself, you get more bang for the buck, as the saying goes.

    One of the best self defense techniques is running as fast as you can, over all sorts of terrain (even in your own house), mixed with walking when you are too tired to run. This is also good interval training.
    CJT 183
    how are you doing on your interval training ?

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