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Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 1

Biological Challenges of Weight Maintenance


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  • Maintenance is the hardest part about weight loss
  • I love this article, very informative. Thanks for sharing.
  • Love this article! Very informative!
  • This is a very good article. Very informative. Maintenance is very difficult if you don't continue to be vigilent and committed to your goals.
  • I'm a successful maintainer and this article is spot on, as are all of Coach Dean's articles. I wonder if he's still active on SP?
  • I've lost and regained my weight a couple times. I lost with nutrisystem a couple years ago and kept it off till last year. Started gaining it back a little at a time until I was 170 pounds, I gained about 40 pounds back. I'm hoping to keep it off for good this time, the article has a lot of good points.
  • I'm saving this article for WHEN (not IF) I get to goal weight. I'm going to need it as I've lost and gained the same 40 pounds over the years.
    I have lost the same 30 pounds (and then gained it back) at least four times in my life. I want to be in that 8 - 10% that keep it off this time. Thanks for this series of articles; very helpful indeed!
  • Almost to goal and want to be prepared. Great series of articles.
    Thanks for sharing my
  • Thanks Coach Dean! Our bodies are so complex as is our need for food and exercise! Your article rally helps to better understand the how's and the why's. Saving this one to Pintrest just so I have it handy for quick reference!
  • Successful maintenance of weight loss is such an important topic, and rarely given enough attention. And that's part of the reason I was so frustrated with this article. Set-point theory is misleading and inaccurate, and the stats cited about how only 5-10% of people will succeed in long-term weight loss are frankly wrong.

    I look to SparkPeople to provide up-to-date, accurate information. This was disappointing, and badly needs to be edited and updated.
  • Kind of like knee replacement. You are out of it and it doesn't hurt but then you wake up.
    Then you go to rehab, then they bend your knee back and push down on it so the surgery alone doesn't do it Takes a lot of exercise and a lot of pain until you are well again.
  • My husband has been a proponent of the set point theory for a long time. Having lost weight 3 different times now....:( I agree with the theory. There are definitely weights my body seems to cling to. Breaking through these set points is a lot harder now that I am older. I have been stuck at this one since last June. Increase exercise. That's the big message I got from this article. I also realize that I have a dangerous mentality: when I reach my weight loss goal, I'm done. Cross weight loss off my to do list, and move on. I suspect what he said is accurate. Losing the weight is just half the battle.
  • I learned some great tips from this article. So glad I read it.

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