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Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 1

Biological Challenges of Weight Maintenance


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
What does it matter if the article is 12 years old if the points raised are still valid? Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Twelve year old article. Report
Looking forward to going on maintenance! Report
Maintenance is hard, but I'm determined to do it this time, for me, and my health! Report
Maintenance is the hardest part about weight loss Report
I love this article, very informative. Thanks for sharing. Report
Love this article! Very informative! Report
This is a very good article. Very informative. Maintenance is very difficult if you don't continue to be vigilent and committed to your goals. Report
I'm a successful maintainer and this article is spot on, as are all of Coach Dean's articles. I wonder if he's still active on SP? Report
I've lost and regained my weight a couple times. I lost with nutrisystem a couple years ago and kept it off till last year. Started gaining it back a little at a time until I was 170 pounds, I gained about 40 pounds back. I'm hoping to keep it off for good this time, the article has a lot of good points. Report
I'm saving this article for WHEN (not IF) I get to goal weight. I'm going to need it as I've lost and gained the same 40 pounds over the years. Report

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