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Measure Progress Without the Scale

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  • I almost never weigh myself at home. I don't often think about it.
  • I visit my doctor every three months and weigh in there. That way I don't get upset with the fluctuations and standstills or heaven forbid gains.
    This is all fine and well, Spark, but this site is clearly driven by weight-based goals when it comes to the body stuff. Try running a report from the Track Weight section when you haven't put in any weight, just measurements. You get a message saying "no weight found," So if I want to run a progress report of my "success" I still need to base that around a scale, apparently.
  • I let my clothes do my measurement and weight. Because I don't want the scale to get me upset.
  • If don't weigh often I start eating more. For some reason the scale keeps me accountable. It is sort of like some mental thing, like if I don't see it, it doesn't matter....but it does matter because I don't want the pounds to creep back on. So I continue to weigh often but I keep in mind the day to day fluctuations and I it works well for me.
    The battery on my scale went dead this morning and I don't have a replacement at the house...having with drawl symptoms, so yes, I probably watch the scale too much. It is kinda like gambling might be for some people....many times great disappointment, but oh the joy when I hit the jackpot :) !!!!!
  • I also weigh in too often and I am not always happy with what I see, but I only record the weight taken on the same day of each week, and usually find it to be down or the same, but I know pants that were tight a week or two ago, are now lose.
  • Lucky for me I've actually lost my scale lol so I'm not tempted. I usually take measurements to see if I've lost inches =]
  • I am a scale watcher, but this time have decided that there are other things that are more importnt than weight: better health; smaller size clothes; more energy; longer life. So thanks for the reminder.
    However I will also reach my weight goal, no matter how long it takes.
    Thank you for such a timely reminder. Scales are such fickle things, it is hard to not feel defeated when they don't reflect how you feel.
  • Oh well.. at least my scale has not going up.. im not gonna lie.. i have cheat myself for 2 wks ... opps sorry... i cheat a little.. but at least i've been exercising...
  • To help inspire me to continue the Spark program, I play a little mind game with myself before getting on the scale. I set the balance to my weight milestones I have had over the past 6 months. I set the scale to my start weight in Feb to 266. I then step on the scale. The needle doesn't budge. YES!!! I step off and set it to 255, my weight in March. The needle doesn't budge.Yes!!! I step off and reset it for every month's milestone until I reach to the current weigh in. Last weigh in was Aug at 235.
    This process reinforces the POSITIVE and gives me a mental readiness for the possibility the needle will go up before I reach the weight at which I think I should be. My thought process is already "look how far I've come" rather than "I'll never meet my goal" when the scale registers no weight loss.
  • I know that I've been faithful to my diet and the scale hasn't budged for the last two weeks...I admit I'm truly upset about this. Tonight I'm going home and measuring myself!

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