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  • Thanks Coach Jen. Great article...

  • I hope all these classes can be adapted to your older members. We have outdoor water aerobics in the Summer, but the Winter Classes have parking so far away. Coming home one evening I had heart problems and had to have a pace maker!
  • Thanks for sharing.
    I definitely need some of that functional fitness ( ) right now. After being sick for so long I'm having a hard time getting back up to where I was health wise just to be able to do the little everyday things. Has anyone tried it that can tell me what it's like?

    It's always a good idea to try a class before making any commitment -- not only the type of class but the class taught by a specific instructor. I signed up for a series of step aerobic classes once, knowing that it was something I've always enjoyed. What I didn't know was that this particular instructor had a voice like a rusty hinge. After a couple of classes listening to her, amplified to about 90 decibels and backed up with screeching rock music, I went home with a pounding headache and never returned.
  • 2 more words: Tabata, Piloxing
    I've been going to spinning classes for over a year at our YMCA. Around Christmas, they got a new set of bikes, and it has made a BIG difference! These ones have digital readouts for the gear settings and your RPMs, so it's much easier to keep track of my effort. I'm told that using the spinning shoes that clip on make a big difference, too (in terms of how your effort translates into muscles exercises), but I haven't bought any yet.

    What makes a spinning class different from riding a standard stationary bike is that you have the instructor who has designed a workout - one day it might be a focus on hill climbing (increasing the resistance), another day it might focus on sprint intervals (pedaling fast at lower resistance levels), etc.

    I actually take a "bike and tone" class, so after the 55-60 minute spinning section we spend about 15-20 minutes doing strength and toning exercises with weights, stability ball, etc.
    The article begins by stating that fitness classes aren't what they used to be, "skinny people jumping around to music". but when I look at the picture on the page, there they are, the skinny granted, they aren't jumping to the music, but they are all thin!! New picture needed, please!
  • Gosh I wish my "academia" in Brazil offered these. I think I will print this off (?) and see if we can adapt some to personal training (which my gym excels at) and see if I can make some work for me. Thanks!
  • This is very informative, I had not heard about BOSU or spinning ! I go for Jazz frequently, and have heard circuit training and core strengthening exercises !
  • There was a cruise commercial a little while back that talked about "spinning classes," which for a country boy like me meant "learning how to turn wool into yarn."
    Thanks for the helpful information! I had heard of "spinning" and didn't know what it is.

    I have a stationary bike, and only a few minutes of fast peddling makes my thighs ache.
    Guess I need to slow it down for longer duration. . .

    A funny note: My three year old grandson saw my bike, and said, "Grandma, you're missing a wheel!" lol
  • I try to keep my workouts varied - a little yoga, kickboxing, boxing, weights, and even the bosu. Spinning however just does not inspire me. I push until my thighs burn, but the calorie numbers are always disappointing. I'd rather spend my time on the treadmill or elliptical.
  • Maybe I could try spinning. I am so uncoordinated that I can't do anything for very long on any aerobics videos. Could anyone who has tried spinning tell me about it?

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