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Workout Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents

Exercising with Kids Brings Plenty of Possibilities


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    I actually found working out as a SAHM a LOT easier to fit in than it is now that I am back to working. I couldn't make excuses for not digging out my DVD's during the kids' naptime, because it was the perfect window of opportunity to get it done! Additionally, my kids all grew up with me fitting in exercise around them, so it became a normal part of their day when I told them they had to go play for half an hour while Mommy exercised. I never once felt like I was being selfish because I was doing it for my kids as well as me.
  • I have 2 kids that I homeschool (talk about keeping busy, I envy those of you with babies). I have started setting my alarm to wake up eariler in the morning to get my workout in undisturbed. It really helps. I make up sleep by going to bed an hour earlier. I am now able to start my days much lessed stressed, and with more energy.
  • I belong to a county recreation center and they offer classes for kids (starting as early as 6 months) in learning to swim. In some of The classes Moms or Dads get inthe pool with the kids and it can be a great way for both people to get a good workout.
  • As a SAHM of three boys for the past 10 years (well, it started out with one, LOL), finding the time to exercise, especially when they were babies, was very difficult. In fact, I didn't start exercising until my oldest was 1 1/2 because he was a horrible sleeper and I was tired alot! I lost 35 pounds before getting pregnant with #2 and that summer I got a bike seat for my bike. Boy did adding that 35 lb back on because of the baby did really increase my workout! When #2 was just over a year old, we got a bike trailer, but then I got pg. with #3 and wasnt able to bike with it, but did use it for a jogging stroller. That sure did come in handy when we wanted to bike as a family.

    Now that my babies are 5, 7, and almost 10, it is fun to be able to go out and play with them, but it is also nice not to have to wait until nap times to exercise.
  • I see a group mothers walking the mall every morning with their babies in strollers. I think it's such a good idea and they seem to have so much fun. They stretch and take over one corner of the mall to do other exercises as well. They line all the carriages up alongside each other and get a good workout.
  • You can try out workout videos before you buy them by using netflix...they have quite a few, actually. I was surprised!
    Good tips. It is SO hard to get fitness in when you're a SAHM! I now stay home with my VERY demanding 17 month old (I used to be the bread-winner & go to the gym during my lunchbreak). I just can't seem to workout when she is awake, she tugs on my pants, yanks my yoga mat out from under me, etc. I decided that I would make her naptime my workout time, instead of chores/reading time. I now get her involved with chore time and do my reading after she goes to bed. I think that people just have to get real what time they have, prioritize their health, and then find a way. I had to learn that I couldn't make time for 2 hour gym sessions, and that a spotless house is WAY less important than being fit! Now I just jam in a 30 minute cardio session and either 15-20 minutes of yoga or strength (and hopefully a quick shower), but I do it EVERY day and feel much better and less stressed or feeling guilty b/c I didn't go to the gym. I find it helps to get my workout clothes & shoes on & my video cued up before laying my daughter down for her nap, that way I'm ready to rock immediately and no precious nap time is wasted.
  • The email I got said "Tips for Busy Parents" and I believe these are appropriate tips, but when I opened the article the entire intro information regarded stay-at-home Moms. Found it disappointing and if I hadn't kept reading with an open mind would have been upset. I don't disagree that stay-at-home parenting is a career choice, but the email was mis-leading as to content and direction of the article.
  • Moms are raving about the new fitness dvd system, New Mommy Makeover. Check it out It even comes with a Nutritional Guide! They are giving away a free video of exercises you can do with your baby too!
    I was a stay at home mom to 3 kids all 1 year apart. Just chasing after them, specially when they all were toddling and running around was a workout in itself! Not to mention always having one on the hip.. It was both exhausting and exilarating at the same time.. My "baby fat" was gone within 2 months after each pregnancy.. Now that they're teenagers, I wish I had those crazy baby days back!!! lol
  • Another idea--I found other SAHMs to swap with--1 parent took all the kids, while the other went to the gym. Then, we switched! We also did this with grocery shopping--a real lifesaver for those bigger trips!
  • What do you do when there is no gym with child care facilities? I love going to the gym and the other suggestions do not appeal to me. Three years ago, we were members of a gym near our house with a kids club. My kids would motivate me to not skip a day at the gym because they loved going to the Kids Club and participating in the great activities - as well as interacting with the fabulous staff! Since we have moved to a small town, there is no facility with child care near us so it gets harder to exercise without worrying about my babies!
  • Take caution strapping the baby to you in a carrier. Walking is fine, but running can jar the baby. Some babies have suffered from a form of "shaken baby syndrome" due to this.
  • I love babywearing! There are so many amazing products out there for wearing your baby and even your toddler. I just bought a mei tai (slingsbysarah dot com) and I can use it for my 7 month old or my 3 year old. I end up pushing one in the stroller while carrying the other on my back, front, or side. Using a ring sling or wrap while doing things around the house is a great way to keep your baby happy during the day and get stuff done too. There are some great sites with information on the different product choices. I wish I had caught on to this concept much sooner, maybe I would have started losing all this baby weight from day one!
    I also participate in stroller strides classes and I love the way they make me feel after the workout. I feel encouraged to get fit for my family and I have a blast doing it. Most importantly I get to bond with my son and get in an awesome workout. We were on a pretty tight budget too when I joined, but once my husband saw how amazing the program was for my family we found ways to fit it in to the budget. I had to give up my coffee trips, but it is so worth it. Stroller Strides is the best thing that happened to my family!

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