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Workout Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents

Exercising with Kids Brings Plenty of Possibilities


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  • The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such. All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly lacking in force. - Andre Maurois
  • I try to walk every other day now, I use to walk every day but due to knee problems I only walk three days a week.
  • You are stronger than you think you are.
    I have been a fit4mom member for over a year. I joined as a SAHM and continue to go now that I'm back to work. It was the best thing I have ever done! Great program!
  • I was expecting some workout ideas incorporating your child and was dissappointed in that. I made my baby toddler a weight to add to my strength workouts. He loved it. As he got older he was "my personal trainer." 1) Lay on back with knees up-Baby resting on your feet laying on your shins--a) extend legs out a little (abs!) b) Lift feet (leg & ab) 2) Lay on back extend legs up to ceiling-toddler+ stand in your hands next to your head and hold on to your feet. 1) lift toddler up to ceiling "reverse pushup") My son loved these exercises.
  • I had to cancel my gym membership after i had my son. I started waking up little bit earlier and doing my DVD workouts. From time to time my toddle like to join me. He thinks its fun to sit on me when i am doing my sit ups. His favorite is plank . He has no trouble to pick up my 6 pounds weights ( and he is only 2). As you can see exercising can be fun sometimes too.
  • Like the article but I am not a stay at home mom.
  • I am an older stay at home mom. I have 18 y/o, 20 y/o these two more or less help themselves. But I do have a special need little sweet heart who is 14. exercising around kids is tough especially when they are young. My 14 y/o loves to interrupt me while doing areobics. But he is giggling and smiling ear to ear. he mimics me alot I call him my little cheer leader. Recently I have joined a gym...but I am so used to exercising by my self...hopefully I will get used to the idea of working out with other folks.
  • I like to bycile due to my knees. is there anyway i can do this with a 5yr old?
    Also i feel gulity when i workout but i guess making it an "activity" may relieve my guilt.
    I actually found working out as a SAHM a LOT easier to fit in than it is now that I am back to working. I couldn't make excuses for not digging out my DVD's during the kids' naptime, because it was the perfect window of opportunity to get it done! Additionally, my kids all grew up with me fitting in exercise around them, so it became a normal part of their day when I told them they had to go play for half an hour while Mommy exercised. I never once felt like I was being selfish because I was doing it for my kids as well as me.
  • I have 2 kids that I homeschool (talk about keeping busy, I envy those of you with babies). I have started setting my alarm to wake up eariler in the morning to get my workout in undisturbed. It really helps. I make up sleep by going to bed an hour earlier. I am now able to start my days much lessed stressed, and with more energy.
  • I belong to a county recreation center and they offer classes for kids (starting as early as 6 months) in learning to swim. In some of The classes Moms or Dads get inthe pool with the kids and it can be a great way for both people to get a good workout.
  • As a SAHM of three boys for the past 10 years (well, it started out with one, LOL), finding the time to exercise, especially when they were babies, was very difficult. In fact, I didn't start exercising until my oldest was 1 1/2 because he was a horrible sleeper and I was tired alot! I lost 35 pounds before getting pregnant with #2 and that summer I got a bike seat for my bike. Boy did adding that 35 lb back on because of the baby did really increase my workout! When #2 was just over a year old, we got a bike trailer, but then I got pg. with #3 and wasnt able to bike with it, but did use it for a jogging stroller. That sure did come in handy when we wanted to bike as a family.

    Now that my babies are 5, 7, and almost 10, it is fun to be able to go out and play with them, but it is also nice not to have to wait until nap times to exercise.
  • I see a group mothers walking the mall every morning with their babies in strollers. I think it's such a good idea and they seem to have so much fun. They stretch and take over one corner of the mall to do other exercises as well. They line all the carriages up alongside each other and get a good workout.
  • You can try out workout videos before you buy them by using netflix...they have quite a few, actually. I was surprised!

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