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Body Beautiful From the Inside-Out

Make a Healthy Diet Your Beauty Secret


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It's interesting that this article says acne can be affected by insulin spikes, but that the SparkPeople health A-Z article on acne says "Acne is not related to diet or poor hygiene." Are there references for the statement in this article that it is affected by insulin spikes? Report
I didn't type the last comment. We have a silly company friend over. I've learned a lesson on keeping Spark People up on my iPad.
I feel sexy today Report
Very worthwhile. Report
I have to show this to my daughter, I never realized her diet would effect her acne so much! Glad to see I eat what I should too! Great article. Report
Great Info!!... Report
In the last 30 days my husband and I have paid more attention to drinking half our body weight in ounces of ionized alkaline water. We have progressed from 7.0 to 9.0. I have found that hydrating our bodies has kept us from snacking/grazing thru out the day. We are loosing weight slowly without any additional changes. Who imagened that such a simple change could make such a huge benefit? I have been complimented on how much more healthy I look. Simple steps are making great changes for us both. Report
As always,I came looking for info and found what I was looking for!! Great job SP!! Keep the healthy living articles coming!!! Report
If I experience leg cramps during exercise, is it true I'm not getting enough magnesium and/or potassium?? I take a good multivitamin and eat a healthy/nutritious diet. Report
I find that eating a bit of avocado / guacamole every day or every other day literally makes a visible difference in a few days if not instantly. (Maybe not quite so much in the depths of winter when the skin probably has a bit too much to cope with.) I've heard good things about eating macadamia nuts too for dry skin, but I've never monitored it.

(You'd think I'd have a permanent store of guacamole in my fridge, really. But no, I'm lazy.) Report
Its amazing how much better I feel on the Spark food plan! Report
Sound advise, but not very accurate, is it? I mean, fruit are also simple carbs, but that doesn't mean one should avoid eating them, especially for healthy skin. Report
Once, I tried to limit my food intake that too oily or deep fried food. It really worked to reduce getting acne, even when during my monthly period! But I messed my effort by eating local junk food this month that a bit oily, had lots of ground nuts and my face getting worse, huhu. Report
I'm trying to make the switch from coffee to green tea. Ugh. Just hasn't happened yet. Great chart! Report
I've been following these simple basics for 7 months now and I feel and look amazing!! I'm 44 lbs. from my goal weight of 140. I've NEVER had a flat belly in my life, and now I can see this happening. I still have some distance to go, but I can actually see how good I'm going to look when I get there. Report

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