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Body Beautiful From the Inside-Out

Make a Healthy Diet Your Beauty Secret



11/20/2009 6:02:09 AM

AKELAZ's SparkPage
Very interesting article. I like the general information you give and the chart is really useful. Have printed it out and wll leave it on the kitchen notice board. Another great item from Spark.


9/28/2009 5:52:45 PM

My daughter has been eating what I have been preparing which is a lot of salmon and we eat a lot of blueberries. She had a lot of whiteheads and skin issues and I noticed the other day that her face is clearing up. I didn't really think about food helping her face which is great!!


5/25/2009 1:01:54 AM

TATERS82's SparkPage
I'm a newly registered dietitian, and I have also suffered from acne for most of my life. I have searched and searched for any substantiated food-acne associations and only find that claims against specific foods, like concentrated sweets, are only myths. I would love to see research to back this up.


5/24/2009 3:12:09 PM

MRS.DOYLE's SparkPage
It's encouraging to know that I am already eating a lot of food on this list. Even before joining SparkPeople, I loved all berries, yogurt, nuts, seeds, salmon, and sardines to name a few. The article must be true because my skin is as unlined and clear as it was 30 years ago. Thanks for the article because I can see areas where I can make an improvement.


5/24/2009 12:56:35 PM

Good article. At the age of 50, I want my skin to look as healthy and glowing as possible!


2/7/2009 2:07:19 AM

Thank you! This is a great article, and actually I have been looking for information just like this. So thank you again.


12/29/2008 10:16:07 AM

YANSKA's SparkPage
Great stuff!


11/27/2008 8:30:55 AM

ARACHNE53's SparkPage
Very nice article. I think we sometimes "fixate" on the fats in our diet and forget the importance of other foods. I would love to have seen a MDR column to complete the article.



11/20/2008 6:36:41 PM

SHARDIVA's SparkPage
Very concise and informative. I really liked what I read.


11/20/2008 10:56:48 AM

KHAI_G's SparkPage
This article is so amazing! It hits on so many things and is so detailed. I also printed it out so that it's easily accessible. I LOVE SP!


8/26/2008 11:11:19 PM

I like this article.. Have print it out so that i have always reminded myself whats the best for me.


8/26/2008 4:27:11 PM

I found this chart very helpful. I will try make a conscious effort to chose an item from each section to eat every day.


6/3/2008 10:39:51 PM

Excellent article. Thank you for adding the chart, which was very helpful.


6/1/2008 5:00:17 PM

JOJO2348's SparkPage
Excellent article. Informative - Good counsel.


5/27/2008 5:25:17 PM

TODDMR10's SparkPage
Great article. Does anyone know if decaffeinated green tea has the benefits listed in this article? I love a cup of decaf green tea in the evening after the kids are in bed.

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