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The Real Benefits of Iron

The Essential Energy Booster


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    I take half the dose of iron - in carbonyl or (slow Fe brand) so it isn't hard on my system. Ferrus Fumerate was really hard on my system. I was anemic and I have felt great ever since I started taking the dose of iron. You can buy it inexpensively at Walmart. I was a fitness instructor and I had many women who were trying to live on carrot sticks and celery sticks - this article was correct in saying that many do not get enough iron in their diets!! There is actually an enzyme in red meat that helps you absorb the iron..
  • I'm a medical student and I had no idea you could actually sweat out iron! I looked it up - it's actually a very, very small amount. You'd have to sweat a gallon a day to come close to affecting your daily intake. The body is very good at recycling its iron stores, and in general once iron is in, it's very hard to get it out. Iron toxicity can cause a myriad of problems. So I would add a caveat that you definitely shouldn't exceed the recommended daily amount in the article.
    This is a case where two screen pages is not enough info. Men can get too much iron and have serious consequences. So i suppose the same can happen to post menopausal women. My vitamins, because of my age, have very little iron, since I'm not menstruating. But it was interesting to read about the aching feet and legs with iron deficiency. Hmm. Need to check into this.
    But we all know how to use Google, right ? So we can go out and get more information.
    Personally, I also supscribe to Nutrition Action Healthletter from Center for Science in the Public Interest, and to Consumer Reports on Health. With the latter, a subscription gives you searchable online access to articles. I also give both to my sons and their spouses as part of their holiday gifts. Subscriptions beyond the first are at a reduced price. But, anyway you look at it, preventive knowledge and maintenance is cheap health care ! ! ! !
  • This article was good- it could have listed iron-rich foods for those of us who prefer to get most of their nutrients through food as opposed to taking a lot of vitamin pills.
  • I spent a year feeling depressed, lethargic and with aching painful feet and legs before being diagnosed with severe anemia. 2 months and 4 iron infusions later I was on my way back to good health. Now, 2 years later, I'm healthier than I've been in many, many years with loads of energy! The cause of my anemia? Over use of OTC anti-inflammatory coupled with alcohol intake (not all that much either!). So read the labels, follow directions. OTC doesn't mean harmless.
  • I've got low iron for another reason not mentioned. In addition to being a premenopausal woman, I'm also a blood donor. I end up needing extra weeks between donations to build back my blood count. Since I want to keep donating, my doctor has recommended I take iron supplements to reinforce my stores.
  • I never get close to enough iron in my diet. What I really need is a detailed list of the best iron rich foods.
    I had a surgery cancelled because of iron deficiency. So I've had intravenous iron treatment. Pretty drastic, so this article was timely for me.
    I agree with CARL15. The issue is confusing. Too much can cause toxicity, however the iron supplement I found at the store contained 65mg tablets. If only 18 is needed for women and less for men, what is the reason for the increased dosage? I figured that it's just because some people with low iron have a hard time absorbing it. Depending on my daily intake of iron through my food, I will either take a whole pill or cut one in half as well as drink some orange juice (to help with absorption) when I take the pills. I am grateful for SparkPeople because otherwise I wouldn't be able to view my iron intake as easily as I do.
  • This issue can be so confusing ... some time back, I remember much talk of people consuming too much iron & that it was thought to be equally harmful to the heart as low hemoglobin counts. To this day, supplement manufacturers have decreased the amount of iron in multivitamins and minerals.
  • Thanks for this article. I've noticed that I haven't been getting enough iron lately, and was curious about the effects. Now I know, and I'm heading out to get a daily vitamin!!

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