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Farmers Market Food Finds

Local Produce is Healthier for You and the Planet!


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    My husband and I love going to the farmers market!
  • I agree with Rosewci on the quality and purchasing from the Farmers Market. Unlike her, I have never had an opportunity to show the farmers Market weekly because they are usually a great distance away. There have been occasions to buy from the roadside marketeers at a reasonable and often less costly price. My attraction to the Farmer's Market is the airy, fresh, ,just picked or plucked or peeled homemade atmosphere.
  • I LOVE going to the farmer's market! I've relocated to SW Florida & have been to Ft. Myers & Marco Island's farmer's markets, most recently. I like the selection & look for bargains! The produce is FRESH & plentiful! Prices are competitive & selection is MUCH better than the grocery stores! I make it a point to go every week & can fill up 2 shopping bags full of fresh fruit & veggies for 15 dollars! You just can't beat that!
  • I am not sure buying from the Farmers Market is always a good thing..the local farmers here sell the bulk of their produce to the local supermarkets, what's left over goes to the Farmers Market.. the best stuff is going to go to your best customer.....
  • Why it costs is like buying something made in china from Walmart or buying something made in America that supports our local economy. Same thing. It costs the local farmers significantly more to maintain their land and pay a liveable wage to American workers. You can buy scientifically altered foods in mass at Stop & Shop but I choose to support my local economy and local agriculture even if that means I have to pay a few more dollars.
  • Our little seasonal farmer's market is also much more expensive than the stores but I buy a few select less-expensive items because they are local and organic and so much fresher, not to mention the occasional unusual find. They should be opening in the next month or so - finally, some fresh veggies!!
    Farmer's markets in Canada do not provide a better, fresher or safer product, although that is a common misconception which causes many to waste money. The farmers I know pick on the same day for local grocery delivery, shipping delivery and farmers market. Therefore, the produce can actually be fresher at the grocery store because they have better storage than the average farm. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble!
    My farmer's market is also more expensive. But I buy 2-3 things there each week anyway during the summer/fall season. The rest of the produce I buy at Whole Foods, or in case I can't go (it is kind of far away), I choose whatever is available in organic or "clean" conventional products at the local grocery store.

    The color chart is great, thanks for the article!
    As much as I'm all for supporting local farmers, our market is on average $1-3 MORE expensive than our grocery stores. Sorry, but when I can get decent tomatoes for $0.99/lb at the store, why would I want to spend $3/lb on farmer's market produce?
  • NANA2121
    what is broccoli romanescu? would my fussy 13yo eat it? How do u make it?
  • Romanesco broccoli has got to be the coolest looking vegetable ever!
  • Yesterday at our local farmers' market, I found broccoli romanesco, which is never available in the store and it was FABULOUS!
  • I love farmers markets,.I also go to Organic stores,when the weather is cold and no farmers market.Every thing taste much better.
  • I shop at Farmer's Markets frequently, but generally the produce is NOT organic and is MUCH higher in cost than local stores, even ones carrying produce from the same exact farm that is local. That bothers me. Maybe it's cheaper buying it from local farms in some places, but it's usually close to double the cost here.
    You are right the farmers markets have the best selection of produce. I use them during the summer in our area. During the winter we try to get the best produce from the store that is available, but they can be very pricey at times. I love the color chart it is very helpful.

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