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Farmers Market Food Finds

Local Produce is Healthier for You and the Planet!


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  • I wish the farmer's markets here had local produce but the truth of the matter is they do NOT!! They actually get their produce from the same places that the grocery stores and wal-mart do and they only get to pick from what's left after the grocery stores and walmart get their supplies. Usually the odd shaped/misshaped fruit and veggies on the verge of going rotten.
    The produce and other items featured at our local markets are more expensive than grocery stores. Most of the time it's definitely worth it. I would definitely do all my shopping at local markets if I could.
  • I love the farmer market. I grow alot of my stuff as well.
  • Giving the kids a couple of dollars to purchase what captures the imagination is a brilliant idea.
  • The farmer's markets in my area also do not necessarily sell locally grown produce. I live on a budget and the prices at the farmer's markets are quite a bit more expensive. I know there is a big push for the markets, but for me they don't make sense.
  • The farmer's markets around here do NOT sell fruit and veggies that are grown locally. I actually live within 1/10th of a mile of 2 farmer's markets. Let's put it this way....they are open now and selling fruits and's May in VA and the only thing actually producing right now is strawberries. Meanwhile these farmers markets have cantaloupes, watermelons, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, etc.
  • I really appreciate this article, its very important to buys as much made in America and organic foods as possible to support our economy and good farming habits. I found a great article here about a Local organic farm and which farmers markets they attend in Los angeles, and great recipes.
  • Recently a network news show did an expose on farmers markets here in Florida. Apparently not all produce is local--large venders can "work" these farmers markets similarly to how venders work the craft shows. The suggestion was to check out and ask where the produce comes from--get to actually know about your local farmers market and the individual venders--or you might end up buying the same imported foodstuffs found at a cheaper price in the major grocery store chains.
  • LISA5274
    I love fresh veggies, I am helping my mom in the greenhouse with organic garden!!!
  • I love our farmer's market; we go every Saturday morning during the summer and fall. I stick with the produce (and other products) that are grown and made locally. Some vendors supplement their produce with produce from wholesalers. I'd rather not purchase that stuff, but I'm glad it's there for folks who live downtown for whom it's hard to get to a grocery store.

    PS - one of my favorite games is find a new veggie. Last year, my new veggie was crowder peas. This year, kohlrabi.
  • I LOVE the farmer's market! It's too bad though that living in Northern Ontario, it's limited to only a few months a year.
  • I work at a discount food store. I have seen people come to our store early in the morning and buy a cart full of veggies that they take to the farmers market and resell as their own produce so watch out farmers market shoppers.
  • I am very fortunate to live in an area that not only has multiple places to buy CSA shares, but has multiple Farmers markets as well. They have wisely scheduled them during different days of the week so the farmers can supply more than one, and the people have multiple choices as well.

    Free samples abound at these markets. Most farmers sell the more "unusual" crops at the markets because, as people have been pointing out, you can get the "regular" stuff at the grocery stores.
    Farmers markets are not always a good deal. Where I live the farmers markets are few and far between, and the produce is of a lesser quality than I can find at Walmart or Fry's supermarkets. However, there is a chain farmers market here called Sunflower Farmers Market which has good produce and decent prices. Unfortunately, the closes one is about 40 miles away, so I only get there about once a month when I go shopping at Costco.
  • I wish we could be part of a CSA, but the upfront cost is too much.
    I love our Farmer's Market. The kids have a total blast, and my picky-eater stepson does eat any fruits he gets to pick out. He was doubtful about plums, but now he will just eat 'em up! The bargains here are great- a gallon of strawberries for $10, for example. You do need to time your visit right, though.

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