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Farmers Market Food Finds

Local Produce is Healthier for You and the Planet!


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All I know is the farmer's markets where I live are MORE than the supermarkets and YES I can get locally grown food there id I watch for it and I grow my own also. Report
These articles have got absolute sense devoid of confusing the readers.
I miss the roadside stands of PA and OH, especially this time of year when the squashes, tomatoes, and so many things are ripe. A lot of produce is grown in NC, but I never see little stands by someone's house. There are some Farmer's Markets but the prices are very high. Report
You have to know your farmers market. Some use the same chemicals as big agriculture. Some vendors get their stuff from the same sources as the supermarkets. Organic and non GMO certified is what I'm looking for. For that, I will pay extra. It's cheaper in the long run than health care. Report
I am fortunate to live near an agricultural area with easy access to roadside stands of farm fresh produce. Have enjoyed some wonderful fall squashes in recent days. Utilizing this resource more in recent months has been beneficial in so many ways. I am not only fortunate. I am grateful! Report
I used to shop at a co op and was extremely disappointed to find that most of the prices were much higher than other health food stores in town but this article has inspired me to try again. Report
Our town just started a farmers market on Wednesday afternoons until dusk this year. This makes it more convenient for me to hit after work. I love the fact that we do have local farmers that provide good produce. And ones that I've spoken to asking about organic and non GMO are onboard with those concepts. I was so pleased to see a local farmer there offering grass-fed beef and free range eggs. I found the prices less or comparable to those in the grocery store. The flavors can't be beat! And it's great when the farmer says "Thanks for your purchase. Here's a couple of cucumbers at no charge." Report
I like going to Farmers' Markets, but only go once in a while since I don't have the money to buy stuff. I have gotten a few tomatoes there this year. Unfortunately, after the first one the tomatoes have been overripe (I had to throw one out) or not ripe enough, though they looked like they were. They are also $4-6/lb when they are less than $2/lb in the stores now. Peaches are starting to come in and they are over $2/lb with those in the stores at $1.75. Of course, I did find a ripe peach the other day, which I cannot find in the stores. Report
Our local farmers market does have a lot that is locally grown but it's all the same thing week to week to often they have the produce divided into such large quantities (3lb cucumbers?)it's not worth it for me. And it's usually double the cost of the grocery store. We recently vaca'ed in Florida and visited a farmers market there, it was heaven! Some items obviously weren't local but were cheaper than store, w many local venders having diff items and samples. I am so jealous of those of you who are close to good ones like this. Report
theres a fantastic one in my town every saturday. i go whenever i can, but im usually working. i know that some of their stuff is definitely not local, but the prices make it worth the trip. Report
I wish the farmer's markets here had local produce but the truth of the matter is they do NOT!! They actually get their produce from the same places that the grocery stores and wal-mart do and they only get to pick from what's left after the grocery stores and walmart get their supplies. Usually the odd shaped/misshaped fruit and veggies on the verge of going rotten. Report
The produce and other items featured at our local markets are more expensive than grocery stores. Most of the time it's definitely worth it. I would definitely do all my shopping at local markets if I could. Report
I love the farmer market. I grow alot of my stuff as well. Report
Giving the kids a couple of dollars to purchase what captures the imagination is a brilliant idea. Report
The farmer's markets in my area also do not necessarily sell locally grown produce. I live on a budget and the prices at the farmer's markets are quite a bit more expensive. I know there is a big push for the markets, but for me they don't make sense. Report

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