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How to Avoid On-the-Job Weight Gain

Avoid Packing on Pounds Behind Your Desk


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  • When I started working the 3am to 11am shift, I gained 30 pounds. I was able to knock off 5 pounds and have been holding steady at 275. It is a great list for normal people. But the list isn't for sick people, poor people, or depressed people. Or people like me who have all three.
  • stand up when at your desk doing work
  • I manage to sneak in exercise by commuting on my bicycle (it has assist because I have a disability that might cause me to suddenly not be able to pedal anymore). I don't use the assist unless I absolutely have to. I chose to find a place to live within 30-45 min biking from my work and doing the commuting this way helps me use some of the commuting time in exercising, it helps me feel better in the morning and when I get home I don't need to worry about having to get to a gym. But if you have a super long commute, maybe you can get a bike to bike to a further bus stop or have your car or your ride share pick you up and park the bike there? I find if you use lots of locks and especially a mix of them (not only a U lock or only a big cable but both) the risk of it getting stolen (especially an old and maybe painted bike) is very small.
  • MTDIAZ5555
    I can work out til the cows come home, I can not eat right. I get stressed and go straight to the carbs... Chocolate, bread, it. THis is sabotaging my diet. Any suggesting? How do you deal with the stress of the day ??
  • It's helpful if you can prevail on your company to begin a wellness program.
  • I am much hungrier at work than at home. For one thing, I eat three meals when at work, and two when at home. I also have more sleep when I am at home. I am working toward having another career (at 75!) that will eventually bring in money and I can quit working away from home. I will be able to control how much I sleep better. And I will be helping people to overcome their unwanted pains and feelings. Feel free to mail me if you want to hear about it!
    I would add another one. Avoid the staffroom or lunchroom. If your workplace is like mine, there are treat days. Nearly every day when I walk in there, there is a table full of high carb, high sugar delectable treats. When I complain, I get told to just not eat them. Not so easy when you are suffering from an eating disorder.
  • I worked so hard to lose weight but at this new job nobody knows that. They're always urging me to eat because I can "totally afford it" while giving me a once-over. Let's have an article for dealing with food pressure at work.
  • Great article. Wouldn't let me save it.
  • They left out - avoid the breakroom! My co-workers are always bringing donuts, cookies, cake... etc.. for all to enjoy.
  • I found this article very helpful. I wish I had seen it sooner. Recently I have passed up sweets at work on the counter. I was even extra careful about what I consumed at the fair.
    good article and i do some these already. since i started back at work 3 months ago, i have been walking to the bus stop to get work and back from bus stop to home. it takes about 22 minutes back and forth, adds up to 44 minutes walking everyday; not counting the weekends.

    salad, fruit, water or turkey sandwich is all good, when working at a desk job. slowly losing weight and i like, not going to bother with the scale.
  • Thanks for the advice! I work with kids (substitute teaching during the school year, working at a summer camp now) and am constantly surrounded by treats. It's really difficult to say no to a cupcake when you have a smiling six year old giving it to you!
  • I have a desk job working from home. I have a treadmill desktop... love it. I work and walk and hardly notice the time goes by and 16,000 steps later? ahhhhh

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