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Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

(Even if You're Not a Morning Person)


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  • I usually go to bed in AM, With the good info here maybe my morning (about noon after going to bed @4am) I can make this my AM and carry on (I'd say normally; however, the only "Normal" I know of is a cycle on a washing machine) and make noon my time for AM exercise.
  • Morning is my favorite time of day.
    I enjoy my morning exercise
  • Early morning is the only time I get to walk---outside----
  • I'll exercise when I feel like it. I refuse to be tied to some clock, or someone else's idea of prime exercise time.
  • I need to get back into morning workouts
  • I have some exercises saved in my favorites. Not doing me much good. I walk a lot for exercise but I'm going to start being serious about other rxercises. I have heard that your body stos working for you when you keep doing the same thing all the time without adding something else to it.
  • In the last comment I mentioned it would take 2 hours to go to the gym, and shower before going to work. It meant I had to get up and out of the door before 4 AM and went to bed before 8 PM. So I preferred started work at 5 or 6 AM, and going to the gym at 3 PM and be done before every one arrived. Ate a good meal afterward, and good night of sleep.
  • I like to say that depending on the exercise one did and where. I lifted weight and a proper routine would take at least 75 minutes plus 10 minutes to the gym, plus 20 minutes for shower and dress. I also ate a little oatmeal and egg prior. So I am talking about woke up 2 hours earlier. I had to eat a high protein meal immediately after, and the water I drank during exercise would cause a problem in the one hour plus traffic to work. In addition, a heavy workout would drain me for the rest of the day. I tried it for almost a year and it didn't work for me.
  • Sometimes, those cold and dark winter mornings can present some struggles when trying to wake from your warm bed for a 5:30 AM workout. A guaranteed way to get yourself up and out is to place a small cup of water on your nightstand the night before. When the alarm goes off I dab my fingers in the water and gently place the water on my eyes that is room temperature. The sensory sensation of the water is not alarming. It works every time.
  • What got me to be a morning person what getting a pet - had to get up. Now that I'm retired I still get up early and enjoy my tea and morning news shows. then head to the gym about 9:30 and workout. Really gets my day going and then I have the rest of the day to do what I want.
  • I have never been a morning person. It’s taken decades, yet I have evolved into the category of “not a morning hater.” Unquestionably morning exercise has played a pivotal role in my change of heart. Making the time for me...earning that sweat and endorphins first thing? Yes please. It sets the tone for my day. I get it that this isn’t for everyone. For those struggling to find your exercise mojo...mornings miiiiiight help!?
  • Great information.
    Another wonderful article. I am not a morning person. It takes me a while to wake up and be coherent; although, the mornings that I have "forced" myself to get up and exercise first thing, I seemed to have had a sustaining energy though out the day. Am I imagining?

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