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The 10% Solution

You May Not Need to Lose as Much as You Thought


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  • Sometimes that 10% seems just as unreachable.... My first 10% is 26.8lbs. Yes, I've accomplished that, but I will have to lose 10% 4x's before I can even get out of the 20lbs weight loss for ea 10%.... It's going to be a long battle.... (1 down 6 more to go)...
  • This is an excellent tip...I can use this
  • I couldn't have read this article at a better time. I really need a kick to get started AGAIN and this article was my ahhha moment. Thank you.
    Sounds better! I have 20 lbs to loose but looking at 14lbs right now sounds better to the ear for me. Then I'll work on the next 6 down the line. Great article! YEAHHHH
    I was happy to read this article and it makes sense! The reason I started this journey was a visit to my doctor who told me that my blood pressure was high and according to the BMI charts I had 75 pounds to loose! I am 4' 11" and I should weigh 95b pounds!! Ha. Trying to be more realistic...If I could loose 30 total, I will be pretty happy. I think there should be a movement to change those charts. If I weighed 95b pounds I would look like a skeleton, I don't think I ever weighed that even as a teenager.
    Thanks for the pep talk!!
  • Ah, I guess I'm one of those 30-some-percenters. It's humbling to realize I belong to that unrealistic category. Oh well, at least I have lots of company :)
    In my defense, however, I've long thought that it makes sense to break these things down, so instead of posting a 100-lb goal for weight reduction, I did actually start with 20 (a hair under 7% of my starting weight of 300). So far I'm down 5, and it's amazing but I really can feel and see a difference. That alone is hugely motivating!
  • Great article, after reading some of the other comments looks like others are having the same problem. It's been taking me so long to get to 30 lbs lost that I'm ready to scream! I still have a long way to go and had hoped to be at the 40 lb mark by now (started in Jan).
    Thank you for the article
  • I can so relate to this article. I am almost at my 10% goal and it is very exciting. I have seen differences in stamina, flexibility, and well-being, and have dropped 2 sizes. Breaking things down into smaller chunks and doing it one 10% at a time (actually my first goal was 5%) make things seem so much more easily attainable. I plan to keep losing weight by eating better, exercising and setting a new 10% goal overtime I real the last one.
  • JAY75REY
    I'm guilty of this thinking in the past. But Sparkpeople (and articles like this) have changed my viewpoint. I've lost "only" 40 lbs (20% of my starting weight, 200) and am at a plateau at the moment. But gosh, even if I just stay here, I've accomplished something good for myself and look and feel so much better.

    The BMI still says "overweight", which I think accounts for some of the frustration you mention. There still are external standards foisted on us that bolster our tendency to have unrealistic expectations.

    BMI or 10% --- which should we use to measure our "progress"? Funny how both of these standards come from "medical" or "scientific" research. They seem to be contradictory.
  • I like the idea of ten percent. I am almost to that point and although that is a good amount it is still not enough for me. I am not as heavy as some others but I still need to lose more for medical reasons.
  • Great article! About two years ago I decided to break up my weight loss into 10 pound goals and since then it has been easier to kept mysel motivated, also it creates a a couple of benchmarks to celebrate along the way.
    Sorry, my math went out the window for that moment. I haven't lost the first 10% yet, but it DOES make it more doable.
    This is the best article I've read yet!!! 10% is very doable. That means that in about 2 weeks I've met the 10% weight loss twice!!! This makes it so much easier. Thanks a million.
  • i've always been some what realistic about losing the 10% but seeing it in writing sure hits home and maybe now I wont fudge and make excuses
    This is a brilliant idea! It breaks down my goal from having to lost 70 lbs (which is kind of intimidating) to having to lose 4 10%'s. Seventy is scary, whereas Four is nice and small. (90% of the battle is trying to outwit my inner doomsayer).


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