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The 10% Solution

You May Not Need to Lose as Much as You Thought


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  • Thanks for the mindset adjustment. I think that this approach is certainly appropriate and effective for most folks!
    This article made me stop and think about what success I've already had... I've already lost 12.5% !!! My long term goal is to get to 160lbs (from 280lbs) - so have been setting mini goals of 10 lbs. I've never thought about setting goals in the context of % - now that I've realized that I've lost 12.5% I'm going to set my next mini goal at 10% and see where that lands me!! Thanks for bringing a new perspective to setting goals!
  • NEWLOVE007
    This idea has always made sense to me. So I personally, have set myself a goal of losing 10 pounds every six weeks. From June starting at 186, until today July 29, I'm at 170. I'm on track, and motivated to continue. My goal is to reach 150 lbs. I know now I can make it with this mind set. Just need to stay focused on the goal.
  • This was really helpful, thanks! I had heard before to set a 10% goal, but could not really see the point when 30%+ was the ultimate goal. Now, on to the 10%!
  • So funny you should publish this article - yesterday I came to more or less the same conclusion, I told myself "let's take it 7 lbs at a time" so now I know that I only have 3 more of those 7 lbs a time! That sounds a lot better than one and a half stones (UK scales!) to lose. SP you really inspire me, thank you. from Veronica.
  • JOMO2010
    Thank you for this article. I am changing my personal goals, right now, to 10% goals - I will concentrate on losing the next 17 lbs; painting one painting; walking 20 minutes and not losing 40 more lbs; painting at least one painting every week; walking 2 miles per day!

    The "dream" goals always loom like doomsday over us, setting us up for failure.
  • Another great article from Sparkpeople - if only all the common sense on this site could be heard above the noise and lies generated by the multimillion $ diet industry whose only interest is in failure to keep people spending their $ on those false dreams.
    As for those who have left comments saying 10% isn't enough for them, please, please realise that when you have reached 10% you say hey well done me I succeeded, I am not a failure, I can do this and then sit down reassess and set yourself a new goal for the next 10% - have faith with the Sparkpeople way - it's the only way to this thing properly - and have fun at the same time - go go Sparkpeople people!
    This was important for me to read. I lost 15% of my body weight and was disappointed because I had aimed to lose at least 20% of my initial body weight. But now I feel more proud of myself and feel that I can continue to work on that last 5%
  • Thanks for that messge. It made me stop and think. I have lost 10 per cent of my weight. I feel healthier and know I look better but I still felt a failure! I can now tell myslf I am a winner .
  • I would be thrilled to lose 10%. For me that is 17 pounds. I lost 11 pounds rather quickly and then the weight loss came to a screeching halt. I am halfway through the 8th week of no change. I have been fighting the urge to be disappointed but the lack of progress has slowly eaten away at my motivation and confidence. Today I felt like I was starving for the first time since I started SP. So I ate and ate. I am disappointed in myself but the past couple of months have been disappointing anyway.
  • I learned that in Weight Watchers and it does make me feel more successful as I go along.
  • I'm with AliciaC. Ten percent alone isn't enough for someone who is LOTS overweight.

  • Well. This definitely makes me feel better. I have already lost my first 10%! Woo Hoo!!! Most people haven't noticed my weight loss. I know that's because I was so overweight, it's going to take a big loss before people notice. BUT I already feel better, so I know that the 10% approach is right. And it's cool that as you lose, the 10% gets smaller too. :-)
  • 10% got it now lets work
  • I just realized I hit my first 10%! Now I'm going to focus on my second 10% over the next few months.

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